Ready for some fun?

Learn more about getting organized in a dynamic, to the point, highly entertaining group setting.

Kate Martin CPO and speaker


Attend an exciting presentation that will reverse your thoughts about getting organized. Learn ways to find incentives (before), systems (during) and maintenance (after) to want, get, and stay organized.

Ask questions, share stories and participate in an always enjoyable and often animated presentation that blends motivation, methods and mischief. Yes, mischief. Because to us, getting organized means learning how to attain organized joy.


Get training for your employees, networking association, local civic group, conference attendees, school groups (teachers and students), and other groups, large and small.

Participate in hands on activities with results and techniques you can implement the very next day. Printed materials and/or copies of Organized Joy's books may be included as learning modules during the workshop.

Speaking Details

     Current speaking topics:

  • Organizing Basics For
    Small Business Owners

  • The Sexy Side of Analytics

  • Motivation, Methods & Mischief:
    Organizing Families

  • Getting Organized:
    Be Inspired, Not Tired

  • Help! I'm The Messy Teacher

  • Tackling Time Management

  • Command Center Workshop:
    Ease Your Paper Stress

  • The Joyful Business Planner Workshop:
    Plan The Next Year Of Your Business Now

  • Adulting 101 (a series of 3 classes for students)

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Kate Martin speaking
Speaking Engagements/Workshops can be tailored to your event size and needs. Please indicate when inquiring if you would prefer an interactive discussion or a workshop format with hands on activities and materials.

 What do our clients like about our Speaking Presentations?


"Kate's presentation was informative and her delivery was entertaining! The humor she used made her session stand out for me. The templates she offered will be so beneficial for my business tracking and understanding my bottom line."

"This was my favorite session at conference!"

"Kate is a wonderful speaker. Very approachable about a not-always-approachable topic. She gave me lots to think about."

"Fantastic speaker that knew what she was talking about. Authentic and genuine with a good delivery."

"Kate helped me realize how important it is to put FUN into the organizing process. Thanks Kate!"

"Fun. Energetic. Great ideas streamlined into simple info."

"A dynamic, prepared, sharp presenter. Kate did a great job. Terrific personality AND great content."

"Kate is such a fun speaker! Even with a potentially boring topic like templates and economics, she kept my attention."


"Kate Martin is an entertaining, informative, and knowledgeable speaker. At the 2017 NAPO conference, she had her audience fully engaged and participating, and wanting more!"

"Kate was fantastic. She was so real it was really easy to identify with her."

"Kate was a fantastic presenter! Funny, dynamic and very knowledgeable. I was interested in the topic but didn't think there was much left that I could learn here. I learned!"

"One of my favorites! Many helpful tips."

"The questions Kate had us ask ourselves really resonated with me and I have already made some changes in MY LIFE based on this workshop. Very helpful. And how cool to have access to all these templates. Thank you very much."

"This class motivated me to write about 10 pages of content for the client base I want to attract to my business."


"Kate was at ease, relatable, accessible, and brought some great tools for us to use."

"You knew your audience and could relate. Loved it!"

"Kate was very effective speaker. The presentation was very organized and easy to follow. She gave a lot of examples, tools and resources I can use when organizing my clients. Very glad that I took it."

"This was the most helpful session I have attended!"

"Extremely informative especially for a new organizer. I need to be more mindful of the mental and emotional organizing not just the stuff. Kate is an engaging and effective speaker. Lots of audience interaction. Great real life stories."

"Kate offered an interesting and engaging session interspersed with humor and practicality. Great session with tangible actions to take home!"

"... she ROCKED it! Loved her personality and shine as the presentation progressed!"

"This was such an informative presentation. And, it was fun. Kate is an energetic, funny person who presented the material in a lively manner. For a new organizer, established organizer, organizer without kids, organizer with kids, really anyone - this presentation offered more ways to work with families and the different life stages they go through. It was fabulous and helpful."


Kate Martin speaking presentation