Getting Joyfully Dressed For School

It's Back to School time again and here's how to make the morning go much smoother: 


Plan out the week's worth of clothes on Sunday!  Get the kids involved and let them choose all of their outfits for the week.  They can pick the top and bottom, plus underwear, socks, and even jewelry and hair accessories.  Then put each outfit into a clothes organizer like this one from Lillian Vernon.


All of their clothes will be set for the week, hanging in their closet or on the back of their door.  When it comes time to get dressed, just have them grab the clothes for that day.  If you've got one of those quirky kids in your house, see if they'll get a kick out of wearing Wednesday clothes on a Monday - how crazy. 


No fights in the morning = a happy, joyfully organized family.








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