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Organizing Planners

Want to work with me but don't have the time or budget? Grab a copy of one of my books instead. Get simple and straightforward advice for organizing your business, plus a place to keep track of it all. I believe there's real power in writing down your goals, to dos and processes. So get a pencil, get off Twitter and get started.


52 Weeks To Organized

These 52 videos will lead you through organizing your entire home within 1 year. We recommend 1 project per week, but it's up to you to set the pace.

  • Perfect for DIYers that need visual examples

  • Pick & choose what spaces you want to tackle

  • Works well with your busy schedule

Organizing Checklists

We've got a set of 12 monthly purging checklists plus videos in our series titled, "Less Stuff, More Joy." Hear and see how you can easily rid your home of over 200 items without making the tough decisions.

Our Newsletter Tips

You've been meaning to get organized, but need a little more inspiration. So sign up for our free monthly newsletter to get organizing tips, videos & blogs sent to you. See our latest events, books or news before anyone else!

Personal Shopping

If you don't have the time or desire to shop for organizing products, I can do it for you and bring them to your house for our organizing appointment.  The average client needs only 1 hour of shopping time from me, with no mileage charges at all.  Plus it saves you a trip back to the store as well, to return items you purchased that didn't fit.


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