Disaster to Master: Tips for Taking Back Your Master Closet

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*Guest post courtesy of WOW 1 Day Painting*

The master bedroom usually has the largest closet in the whole house, which is good and bad. It's good because there's a lot of storage space. It's bad because that storage space tends to get filled up with disorganized piles of clothing and other items that can quickly turn it into a disaster.

But taking your closet from disaster to master doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems at first. With some planning and organization, you can have a master bedroom closet that will be a pleasure to use.

purging a closet

The Cleaning

This is arguably the most difficult part – taking every single thing out of your closet and deciding whether or not you really need or want it. Marie Kondo recommends holding each item in your hand and feeling whether or not you love it. Try to keep sentimental items to a minimum. Also get rid of things that you hope will fit one day. Chances are those items will be out of style in the future.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the item belongs in your master bedroom closet. Is there a better place it can go? For example, if you have a box of holiday decorations in your closet, could that go into the garage or attic so you can use your space for clothing?

Decluttering is all about asking yourself the right questions to determine what should stay and what should go. If you're struggling to do either, consult with a professional organizer.

space plan

The Planning

Now that your belongings are reasonably paired down, figure out what kind of storage you need. Do you have a lot of men's clothing? You may want to include shorter hanging spaces for dress shirts, cubbies for ties, and drawers or shelves.

If you have a huge shoe collection, you'll probably want shelves or cubbies. If you just have a lot of clothing to hang, you'll have to include lots of rod space that's 40 to 42 inches high (depending how tall you are).

Measure your closet walls, then sketch out a plan. This can be done on graph paper with a ruler and pencil or using a home design program. There are free ones available, like one from Easy Closet. Group similar things together: all your shirts, all your skirts, etc.

Then determine how you will get this storage. If you're quite handy, you can build some or all of the components, like shoe shelving or the rod and shelf system. Make sure you have all the necessary tools (and skill!) needed first.

If you're only sort of handy, consider buying closet kits. These let you choose things like cubbies, shoe shelving, and shelf systems. The downside may be that these components are only available in certain sizes, which may not exactly fit into your space. This is also an area that a professional organizer can help tackle.


The Painting

Even if you're not planning to install any organizational systems, the one thing you can do to make a huge difference in your closet is paint. Interior painters recommend a semi-gloss in a very light shade. This shinier finish reflects light, making your closet bright and helping you see your clothing. This finish also hides scuffs and makes future ones easier to scrub off.


The Extra Touches

Make sure your lighting is adequate. If you have a wired light, perhaps switch out a plain one for a fixture you love, like a small chandelier. If your closet is smaller and it will be too difficult to wire, you can add wireless LED light strips for less than $20. This will feel like a huge upgrade though it's very simple.

Depending on space, you can also add accessories like mirrors, jewelry storage like hooks for necklaces, and an ottoman or pouf to sit on while you put on your shoes.

It will take some work and time, but at the end you'll have a lovely closet that reflects your personal style. It will also be so well-organized that it will never turn into a disaster again.


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