Trick Yourself Into Cleaning & Organizing By Becoming A Big Pretender

Cleaning your home is necessary, but it’s not everyone’s favorite chore. To happily get into a cleaning mode in the spring, and all year, sometimes you need to become a big pretender. Here are 5 ways to trick yourself into having a cleaner and more organized home.

Put Your House Up For Sale

Pretend a real estate agent is coming over to assess your home to go on the market. Walk around your entire house with a notebook and jot down things that need to be fixed before the house is listed for sale. Make note of the broken items, put off projects, and even take out the home inspection list from when you bought the house. Did you take care of those things way back when? If not, the time is now.

Host A Big Bash

Pretend your in-laws are coming over for a big party. Walk around the public spaces with a laundry basket and remove anything that doesn’t belong. Then either return those items to their proper places or create new homes for them. A big part of clutter is not having permanent places where everything in your home should live. If you hold up something and don't know where it goes - bingo - that's clutter.

Get Ready For A TV Interview

Pretend Oprah is coming over for an interview. Walk around your entire home and make sure everything smells and feels good. Do a deep clean of garbage cans, toilets, and other messy areas. Don't just flip the cushion - spot clean that couch. Wash the windows so the light will reflect nicely off your beautiful face. Polish up sentimental furniture and photos Oprah may comment on to highlight them with pride.

Schedule A Deep Clean

Pretend carpet cleaners are coming over to clean the floors in your whole house. Remove anything resting on the floor if it’s not furniture (stacks of paper, piles of toys, items to be put away). Move the furniture and see what lurks below. This is great for clearing up allergy offenders like dust bunnies, too, because honestly, when is the last time you cleaned under the bed?

Entertain An Old "Friend"

Pretend your spouse’s ex is coming over for a “friendly” visit. Gather up anything outdated, frumpy, or generically boring to donate. Highlight the items in your home that showcase your best memories, hobbies, and life as a family. You should be proud of everything in your home and want to show it off, not hide it.

If you are stuck in a cleaning or organizing rut, schedule something fake on your calendar and get your home ready for it. Best case scenario - your house is looking so good, you go ahead and host that fake party for real. Have fun!

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