You Can Fall in Love with Your Old Home Again: Here’s How

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It’s no secret that living in a single place for long periods of time can produce mundane and drab feelings within a person. Suddenly, a home you once loved to wake up in becomes a sign of seeming stagnation in your life, and it can certainly affect your overall happiness and spirit from day to day.

Unfortunately, most do not have the capital to relocate when they so desire, and then you may even feel that you’re trapped within a routine that you cannot seem to shake. Luckily, there are quick, cheap, and relatively easy ways to revamp your home to make it feel like a new space.

Here are a few tips to get you started immediately!

1. Reorganize

A large part of organizing any space is getting rid of clutter. It’s very easy to let belongings pile up over time, even if you keep the space clean. After a while, the build-up of materials can shrink the overall space you have to roam around in your home.

To get started, just rearranging your furniture can give any room the appearance of being changed dramatically, which will serve to immediately shift the way it feels. To get a bit more serious, organize books, DVDs, CDs, and others into alphabetical order, or in order of release, artist, author, etc. It seems very simple, but it makes the room feel more upscale.

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Rather than having blankets folded amongst the sofas and chairs in your living room, use a cute basket to store them near the mantelpiece, or in the corner. In the kitchen, condense as much as you can to save space and allow yourself to find items and utensils more quickly and more efficiently. This makes any cooking feel easier and can relieve a lot of stress!

2. Paint a fresh coat

Repainting rooms or the entirety of the outside of your home is perhaps one of the most important changes you can make when trying to make your home feel a bit more lovely and welcoming.

Colors affect people in vast ways. Bright colors can encourage more conversation and energy, and dull colors in your home office can encourage productivity and professionalism. In addition, muted tones can promote relaxation and serenity for your living room or sitting area. These will immediately begin to positively affect your day to day mood, and your overall attitude toward your home.

3. Find new purpose

Changing the use of a room or living space can also make your home begin to feel like an entirely new one. Try turning your lightly-used sitting room into a games or entertainment room. Use it when you have guests over and dedicate the room to that purpose. Creating a fun and lively atmosphere around such a space will make you feel a sort of happiness whenever you walk by. Even simply repurposing one section of a room can bring an entirely new feeling. Placing a music speaker or record-player in the corner instantly adds the possibility of dancing and fun!

Your home should be where your heart is. If you’ve recently lost heart in where you live, doing simple things can reignite the spark that you seem to have lost there. You don’t have to completely renovate it to make it feel like a new and exciting place. Go and discover for yourself the ways in which you might be able to affordably and efficiently rework your home back into the lovely abode you once thought it was. It could just change your entire day to day mood.

Share how you got yourself to fall back in love with your old home in the comments!

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