Samsill DUO & TRIO Organizer Review And Giveaway

It's almost back to school time, which may or may not sound like a big relief to you. But no matter how you feel, the best way to head back to school is by being organized. No worries because you've still got plenty of time to be proactive. So let's talk about setting up great systems now, rather than after school starts.

And what's one of the biggest issues with school? Papers! It's hard to know what to keep, where to keep it, and for how long. So I've partnered up with Samsill to show you two of their brilliant products for organizing papers and giving you a chance to win one for yourself!

Samsill has a series of "special" organizers called the DUO and TRIO. I call these special because not only are they binders, but they have file storage inside as well. Both have a set of 7 accordion folders inside that can be labeled just like standard tabbed folders. There is also an elastic cord and clasp to keep it all contained. It's like the best of both worlds for me because I no longer have to use both a binder and separate folders - I get it all in one.

For back to school, I can think of many uses for these binders:

  • Students can keep one per subject to store all their handouts, plus use the binder section for taking notes on loose leaf paper. The file tabs can be labeled to store their handouts in a clear manner: class rules, tests, assignments, homework, etc. I would also recommend purchasing a zippered 3 ring pencil pouch to keep inside for holding pencils, pens and other school supplies. A pouch inside each binder means students are never without a pencil!

  • Parents can use one per child as a year long school binder for important papers. Teacher contact info, a class schedule, lists of sports practices and so on can be kept in one place. And since it's mobile (and secure so no papers will fall out) it can be brought to sports practice or the carpool lane easily for reference.

  • Speaking of time wasted waiting for children... parents can also use these binders to store household bills, mail and coupons they need to take action on. They can save time by paying the bills or reconciling medical documents while sitting on the sidelines at practice. They can sort coupons and file into monthly folders based on expiration dates. Then when arriving back at home, it's easy to store again at their desk.

So instead of grabbing a binder and stuffing loose papers inside the cover, you can now have organized and labeled folders plus a binder in one. But if the DUO is not enough for you, the TRIO has all that plus a third feature that makes it even better. It has retractable file clips that make it able to be hung inside a filing cabinet.

Now this may not blow your mind as much as mine, but the thought of having several ways to organize paper plus the ability to store it vertically in a file cabinet is a game changer for me. I can finally abandon the loose file folders I normally pull from my filing cabinet and stuff in my bag to take with me. I just grab a TRIO, snap in the hanging clips, and go.

I also love that they are made from a PVC free polypropylene. Unlike flimsy paper folders or accordion folders that tear, these are quite sturdy. Plus it allows for a huge range of color choices, because no matter what we say out loud, pretty office supplies really do make us feel better. My favorite color is the turquoise (pictured) because it matches my company colors, but I also love that they have several light and dark versions of blue, purple, and red (the burgundy is quite pretty as well).

Labels are also super important to me, of course. I appreciate being able to insert my own labels into the plastic tabs. Plus the spine can easily be labeled and won't fall off thanks to the un-paper-like material. So I can get several of these in the same color, put them all in my filing cabinet, and be able to quickly tell them apart. I can finally have a pretty filing cabinet, inside and out!

If you'd like to learn more about the DUO and TRIO, you can check out Samsill's webpage on multi-function binders. If you'd like the chance to win either a DUO or TRIO, please comment below with your name, email address and which item you'd prefer (DUO or TRIO) and why. 2 winners will be picked at random and notified by August 18th, just in time for the start of school.

*The products in this giveaway were provided by Samsill. All opinions about the products are my own. No compensation was received for this review. No personal data will be collected during this contest, nor will your name be added to a newsletter list. However if you'd like to start receiving our newsletter, you may opt in below.

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