Tiny Projects = Huge Difference

You don't have time for a monster organizing project right now. But... you might be able to squeeze in a tiny one. Especially if it made your home more organized, pretty or allowed you to gain an extra five minutes of sleep. I'm not sure I can promise all three, but let's give it a try, shall we?

Tiny Project #1: Switch your round pantry containers to square ones

I don't know who started the round baking container craze but they simply don't fit well in pantries. In fact, this rectangular container not only fits better on the shelf, but it holds more flour than the round one.

Project timeline? About an hour, since I got carried away and started organizing the rest of the pantry, too.

Project result? I've got better organized pantry shelves and a new container that holds an entire package of flour. Plus no leftover quarter bags of flour or sugar taking up space.

Tiny Project #2: Beautify existing bookcases instead of buying new ones

A lot of easy and quick (and inexpensive) upgrades can be made to your existing furniture to make it fit better in your home. This bookcase was first decluttered and non-loved books were sold (a profit of $4 woo hoo). The picture frames were painted to match each other. Then the bookcase itself was painted with black paint and trimmed with washi tape. Since the washi tape only cost $4, and I already had the paint, this was a completely free project upgrade!

Project timeline? 15 minutes to sort books, 1 hour tape shopping/book selling time, 1 hour paint/taping time. But I watched a movie while painting and chunked my shopping along with other tasks so it didn't seem long at all.

Project result? The bookcase matches the other furniture in the room. Only things I love are now displayed here and it makes me smile as I walk by. Bonus info: the washi tape was much quicker to apply than the paint. I may be putting this stuff all over my house from now on.

Tiny Project #3: Upgrading office supplies

Rather than buy new magazine file holders, I spray painted one in my office white. Then I switched out different colored binders for an all white cohesive look. For my other set of old random magazine holders, I got even lazier. I covered up the existing labels with a rainbow of post it notes and labeled on top.

Project timeline? 30 minutes to complete both projects.

Project results? My office looks less thrown together and more purposeful. Therefore I'll be happier and less distracted when I sit down at my desk to work. I may actually start scrapbooking again instead of just organizing the supplies. What a wild idea.

My gut tells me that I could have done these projects a long time ago had I not procrastinated so much. But I'm glad I finally got around to them because, honestly, tiny projects aren't so hard. They CAN make a big difference, even if it's just a minute shaved off your routine or simply a smile brought to your face. For me, it's worth it. How about you?

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