How To Create A Sexy And Organized Bedroom

Have you seen those beautiful bedrooms in the decorating magazines? Yeah, we're not doing that. Let's design a functional space that's easy to clean and maintain. A place that says "we have kids," but we also make time for ourselves. Let's talk about organizing tips for a REAL bedroom.

Getting Dressed Without Waking Up Your Spouse

In a relationship there is always going to be someone who wakes up earlier than the other. Maybe one is a night owl and the other is a morning person. Or maybe you work opposite shifts. Stop fighting about turning on the light or making noise at the crack of dawn!

A quick solution is to pick out your clothes for the next day and move them into the bathroom or closet. This way you don't disturb your still sleeping better half. A more permanent solution is to give up on the dresser in the bedroom, even though that's always the way it's done. Move all your clothes into the closet and make more noise in there instead of at the foot of the bed.

Getting Quality Sleep During The Day

Not everyone works a 9-5 job these days. In fact lots of adults work late hours making a nap necessary during the day time. Yes, the thin white sheer curtains are cute in a bedroom. But black out curtains make for a happier marriage when one of you isn't sleep deprived.

If the kids are home during the day the noise level is an adult nap time issue as well. So invest in a noise machine, sound proof the door and do what it takes to get a good day's sleep. It's not as sexy as a magazine ready bedroom, but it's real. You can also store your noise machine (and mouth guard and other sexy items) away each day by creating stylish storage next to or under the bed.

Speaking Of Sexy...

I've organized enough bedrooms to know that everyone has "adult items" in there. Don't be embarrassed... except for when the kids find them. Another quick solution? Lock them up. Get a lockable trunk for the foot of the bed or install a lock on a drawer to hide away personal items. Gain peace of mind from knowing the kids, maid and your mother in law can't find something not meant to be seen.

This hiding things away tip goes for other items in the bedroom that are visually clouding your mind. One book on the nightstand, yes. The other ten should be on the bookcase. Used tissues or scraps of paper on the floor? Don't fight it - get a trash can for your bedroom. Not super sexy, but much sexier than wondering what you've stepped on in the middle of the night.

One More Sexy Tip

Laundry. I love folding laundry, but then I'm strange like that. What I don't love is when people fold laundry on their beds, don't finish and dump it on the floor to get into bed at night. Plus, nothing says I love you less during a romantic time than "wait honey, let me move the laundry first."

This is the one of the times I agree with the magazine layouts - nothing on the bed ever. It's simply an inviting space, waiting to be used. So if you want a sexy and organized bedroom, I'd find a way to keep the laundry in the laundry room and the bed always made. No clothes on the floor either! Trust me and try it. Tell your husband I said, "you're welcome."

You may not see trash cans and tissue boxes in fancy magazines, but they are needed for a realistic, livable bedroom. They're not super stylish but neither is trash or cranky sleep-deprived parents. So consider adding these "sexy" organizing products to your bedroom, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Are they better than flowers and chocolate? Quite possibly. Comment below and let me know how it works out for you. Good luck!

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