200 Things To Quickly Throw Out Now

Would you like less stuff and more joy in your life? Want to rid yourself of 200 "I won't even notice these are gone" items from your home? I don't mean by the end of this year. You could do this by the end of January if you put your mind to it. Imagine one of your new years resolutions to clear clutter completed in less than 30 days!

Every month in 2016 I posted a checklist of easily purgable items to remove from your home. I also posted a monthly video that showed examples of the items from my own home. Yes, I am a professional organizer and I have these items, too. That's what makes this challenge so easy to complete. It might not seem like it, but most people, organized or not, have sneaky clutter in their homes.

The checklist and video for each month always had a theme based on my concept of "Less Stuff, More Joy" in your home. Here are the topics:

  • January - Small Clutter Stuff

  • February - Collections/Hobby Stuff

  • March - Office Stuff

  • April - Edible Stuff

  • May - Mom Stuff

  • June - Kid Stuff

  • July - Hygiene Stuff

  • August - Zone Stuff

  • September - Dirty Zone

  • October - Cozy Stuff

  • November - Holiday Stuff

  • December - Mental Stuff

The items I suggest you donate/recycle/throw away are easy to part with things. They don't require heavy thought. They have been mostly used up or are past their prime. Old birthday candles, phone books, dried up pens, swag from work conferences and expired spices. You see the pattern here? These are easy to let go of items because there is minimal personal attachment. This challenge is designed to give you small victories so you can clear the obvious clutter first. Then, when you're deep in the organizing mode, you can jump into the tough stuff later on.

Let's take your closet for instance: we are NOT going to try on all of your clothes and decide what you should keep. There's no time for that today. We'll simply eliminate the obvious offenders like torn clothes, broken jewelry and random purse junk. Later on, after you've cleared your whole home, you'll be ready for more. Then you can go back and really dig deep in each area. It will be much easier because you won't get sidetracked by the little things. Those will already be long gone, thanks to you.

So you've got two ways to go about getting Less Stuff, More Joy into your life:

  • Option one is watching the videos and downloading each checklist once a month. You'll take it slow, fitting in your purging when you can in your schedule. By the end of the year, your home will be 200 items clearer!

  • Option two is to download all the checklists right now in one huge document and knock it all out as fast as you can. No waiting, just action. If you need inspiration at any point, you can view any of the videos for a pep talk courtesy of me and my home. Yes, you get to see my clutter and know that you are not alone in this. We all have clutter. But what you choose to do with it is up to you.

Ready for a change? Download either your January checklist or all 12 checklists here and happy clearing!

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