How To Be Grateful For Your Clutter

If you have clutter, you should be grateful.

Yes, I know that statement sounds strange, but think about it. The definition of clutter by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is to fill or cover (something) with many things. Many things. If you have enough in your life to have many things, you are doing well.

This time of year we remind ourselves to help others who are less fortunate than we are. A lot of people in our world don't own enough possessions to have clutter. They aren't worried about matching sets of china for a big Thanksgiving meal. There is no dilemma about where to put the guests staying for the holidays. They hope to eat that day plus the day after.

Clutter has many definitions for me depending on the situation. Sometimes it means guilt. Sometimes it signals frustration. I'm often surrounded by clutter of many forms, so I've adopted a different attitude. I like to think it means we've made choices in our lives that have brought lots of good into our homes. Thus we have much more than we need.

If you look at it from a certain perspective, we should be grateful that we can afford so much in the first place. But how did we accumulate so much so fast? Perhaps we didn't overbuy, but slipped up when we made new purchases. We forgot to get rid of the old when we bought something new.

A lot of people apply that "one in, one out" rule when buying a big ticket item - a dishwasher, mattress or car. You don't keep the old one, even if it's still usable, because you've got the new version. We forget sometimes when buying clothes and toys that it's the same idea. What is left after many of those small purchases over the years is clutter - simple enough. We have filled our homes with many versions of many things.

So in this season of gratitude and gratefulness, we should take some time to reflect. The many things we've brought into our lives have been wonderful, but maybe it's time for some of them to move on. It is OK to have clutter. I'm telling you to be grateful for it even. But if it causes you pain instead of joy, stop right there. It's time to acknowledge what it used to mean to you. Then accept that it doesn't fulfill that purpose anymore and move on.

Think about how amazing it will feel to find everything you need in your home without long searches. Think about how freeing it will feel to give to another person who does not have a lot. Think about how happy you will be knowing you've simplified your home and lifestyle.

Be grateful for the wonderful life that you lead. Give thanks for your abundance. Celebrate the holidays secure in the fact that you have all that you need. Happy Thanksgiving!

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