3 Unusual Ways To Get Organized And Spend Less Money

Deciding to hire a Professional Organizer can be a scary thing. There are usually a lot of fears if you've never worked with one before. Some of the questions I've heard in the past:

  • Will you judge me?

  • Can you really help?

  • What if I cry?

  • What if I'm beyond help?

  • How long will it take?

  • How can I keep my home organized after you leave?

  • What if you make me throw out things I love?

  • What will it cost me?

  • How will my spouse react?

  • What will my friends say if they found out I hired you?

Some people are proud to hire me. Some ask me to be very discreet. It's a balancing act for me when every client needs something different and every day is a new adventure. Fortunately as I grow my business, I'm able to offer more and more options to work with a wider range of clients.

Did you know that I can help you without ever setting foot in your home?

If you are limited by time, money, or any of the above mentioned questions, there are still lots of ways for me to help you. Let's talk about Virtual Organizing, DIY Organizing, and other resources that Professional Organizers provide.

Virtual Organizing

(rates start at $30/hour)

Finding time in your schedule to set up a Half Day Organizing Session with me is tough. Setting up an hour long phone call is a good alternative. You send me photos, stay in your PJS, and we solve problems over the phone at your leisure. You can sort and purge while talking to me, or just take notes for when you have more time to work on your projects. We can talk once a week or once a month. Or check in quarterly when the seasons change your schedule, habits, and home. We set deadlines, goals, and work together to keep you accountable. I'm like your mom, only more organized and without the sticky family guilt. The cost is less, the times are more convenient, and you control exactly what I see and hear.

I use the word "control" because that is often a huge fear in hiring a Professional Organizer. You want help with your kitchen, but you are afraid of what I'll say about your garage. Will I pressure you to do more than you are comfortable with? My company policies say, "don't clean before I get there, so I can see how you truly live". You feel that company-is-coming-stress and clean anyway. You wonder what I'm thinking - is your home the messiest that I've seen?

It's hard letting people see the skeletons in your closet. You've hid them there for a reason. Virtual organizing is a nice way to ease yourself in before hiring me to see where you live. Or we may never meet in person and take it a step further, but that's OK, too. Opening yourself up over the phone feels just as vulnerable sometimes. My job is to reassure you that it's all doable when we take small steps towards our goals. By talking to me virtually, we can still move mountains in your life. The progress may be slower without me physically helping, but progress is progress. I'll take that any day.

DIY Organizing

(blogs/videos are free, parties are $15/per person)

If you are the type of person that just needs a few ideas to get off and running by yourself, then DIY Organizing is for you. Instead of having me work side by side with you, reading one of my blogs on the topic you need may be enough to get you going. It's a comforting to learn how others feel (just like you) about memorabilia guilt, baking supplies, kid toys. Written words can inspire you to finally start that project without me being in the room. Especially if you click on my posts tagged inspiration - a really great place to start.

If you need more than words, I host YouTube videos in my own home to show how to get organized. In 2016 I even started providing downloadable checklists alongside my videos. You print out the checklist, work through the project, and boom you've just purged your home all on your own.

Other services I offer are speaking engagements and organizing parties. These allow me to address a certain organizing topic and answer general questions from the group. Then I often talk one on one with people to see if you need anything else. You get specific advice from me that you can then carry out yourself at home. Plus food - there is normally always food at these things. I host organizing parties in people's homes and speak to larger groups in a more public setting. I speak to a wide range of audiences: meetups, mom's groups, IKEA workshops, and National Conferences. Just contact me to schedule a date.

Other Resources

(File kits start at $10, The Joyful Business Planner is $16.95 & available on Amazon October 15th)

I love reusing items that you already have in your home, but sometimes a project calls for a new product. If buying something will save you time, simplify your current system, and bring you joy, then I'm all for it. That's why I created certain products that you can use, even without me there.

The OJoy Filing Kits make it easy for you to sort paperwork on your own using a system that you know will work. The folder categories are already there and printed out for you. Just grab a stack of paper and start filing.

The Joyful Business Planner is a book I've written to help small business owners better organize their desks and their minds. There are countless spreadsheets inside for you to use, plus my advice for how to do it in a joyful and organized way. You get access to a year's worth of my help all in one book. Without hiring me personally, it doesn't get much better than that.

We may work together in your space, meet virtually over the phone, or never cross paths except via the internet. However it happens, I look forward to helping you.

Joyfully yours,

Kate Martin, CPO®

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