Take A Peek Inside My New Book: The Joyful Business Planner

I created The Joyful Business Planner for three reasons:

  1. I couldn't find a small business planner that I wanted to use for my own business.

  2. I knew if it could help me (a Professional Organizer), it could certainly help others who needed better organization.

  3. I really enjoy writing my blog, so writing an entire book would be an amazing new challenge.

The idea to write this book started while I was searching for an existing business planner to buy. I found printable PDFs and Excel templates here and there online. Some were great, some were too cutesy, and most were color ink hogs when I printed them at home. The topics varied a lot, too. Some were about blogging. Some were about goal setting. A few were mostly empty calendar pages of numbered blocks.

I also visited bookstores and looked through countless calendars and small business books. Most of the calendars were blank and not geared towards business owners. The business books had great advice, but they were not calendars, planners, or workbooks that I could use for my business.

Nothing I found had it all.

So I decided to put together a resource for small business owners that I would want to use myself. A paper and pencil planner that would help people really see all the parts of their business in one place. It would address the major concerns of my typical client: how to be more efficient and more organized. Most importantly, I would include the items that the other books never did. The things that kept business owners up at night:

  • If I get sick, how will my spouse/employee know what to do?

  • Where is that page of notes I stashed somewhere last week?

  • I want to run a new ad but what's in my marketing budget right now?

  • How do I track my social media posts to see what's really working?

  • I set goals for my business in January but how can I remind myself to follow through?

If I could fix those kinds of problems, I would be staying true to my company name, Organized Joy. I would be easing the minds of many worried business owners plagued by stress. I could get them to start thinking in a proactive way, before a problem occurred. I could bring them joy, get them organized, and potentially bring them more revenue as a result. Talk about a good book!

So what does it look like inside?

There are 5 sections in the book:

  1. Business Overview

  2. Marketing

  3. Yearly tracking

  4. Calendars

  5. Wish Lists & Aspirations

Each section has multiple worksheets for you to fill out with your business details and data. Every part has instructions and suggestions for why it will benefit you, how to use the pages, and how often. I've included everything I use myself plus more. Budgets, to do lists, blogging, social media tracking, and policies & procedures. There is a monthly calendar with quarterly reviews built in so you don't forget your goals. I've even created a one page business plan for people who hate formal, boring, and wordy ones.

It's a simple and straightforward approach for people who don't have time to mess around. You know, small business owners. I created it for you.

There are exercises and calendars to work on all year long. Some are date specific (like Quarterly Reviews) and some are not (like a Business Brand Page). I especially like the yearly tracking worksheets as they give you a perspective that accounting reports simply do not. You get to see your entire year right in front of you with nothing to toggle, no extra lines confusing you, and no way to hide your mistakes and achievements. Tracing the patterns as the months go by becomes a fun contest, not a chore. Can you honestly say that about your current business methods?

Highlights of The Joyful Business Planner:

I adore that you can write in the book itself and don't have to take notes in a separate notebook.

I can honestly say I use mine every day. I've even changed some of my business practices for the better after tracking patterns in it. It truly does work.

It's the familiar size of a standard piece of 8.5" x 11" paper. The type is clear and easy to read, unlike the small screen of your phone.

It has a place of honor on my desk, but I often carry it with me in a bag if I need to reference something while I'm out.

Using it makes me feel like I have a true grasp on every part of my business. Nothing is left in the dark and I know my facts and figures and where to find them quickly.

The Joyful Business Planner will be available on my website and Amazon starting October 15th.

Please comment below if you have any questions about the book. I welcome any ideas/suggestions for the next edition!

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