5 Fearless Fall Resolutions For A Better Life

Seasonal changes bring out the best in me. Everything I've put away for a year comes back out again and somehow it seems fresh and new. That sweater I was so tired of last winter seems cozy now and I can't wait to break out my boots, too. I'm ready to put away the summer home decor and unearth the pumpkin stuff. Heck, pumpkin is everywhere already, whether you like it or not!

In your personal and professional life, it's a great time to make some seasonal changes as well. Think of it like New Year's resolutions but for the fall. Let's implement those great ideas, but instead of getting fitter, let's just, well, eat more pumpkin.

Here are some Fall Resolutions to consider bringing into your life:

  • Schedule a clear out of the summer clothes soon. If you have little ones, consider what to do with the "too small" clothes. Either create a labeled box to pass down to your next child or donate it all right now because next year it won't fit.

  • When you start bringing out your fall home decor, store away equal amounts of your "regular" home decor so your surfaces don't look too cluttered. Even better: decide if you truly love each piece and if it's worth storing or simply sell/donate it instead.

  • Break out your calendar and think about the holidays now. Request or schedule vacation time and contact your family to see who is hosting what and where. Make your must do list of fall activities and put placeholders on each weekend so the time doesn't slip by you. Here are some Fall Bucket List Ideas to get you started.

  • Just like in your garden, prune out the tired and worn looking "stuff" in your life. Make room for good things (both physically and mentally) or you won't have the space for them when they show up.

  • Stretch your goals by planning something new and exciting that makes you a little bit nervous. Give yourself a deadline to get it done, like before the Christmas craziness kicks in, and then celebrate when you hit your goal.

I've got a lot going on behind the scenes in my business right now. They are things I can't quite share just yet, but want to because I'm proud. I've got my deadlines, I'm sweating, and I'm nervous, but that's part of the fun when you look back at things from a distance. Years from now do you want to remember this fall as the season you took back your life or the season that went by in a blur?

Get out your paper or phone or however you best make lists and get to it. 'Tis the season! What are your fall resolutions?

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