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Folding Laundry

I love doing laundry. I like taking disgusting clothes (and I live with 3 boys so I know disgusting) and making them clean again. There's a sense of accomplishment when I'm finished that is truly needed on tough days when nothing else seems to get done. It's familiar, warm, and makes me think about my mom growing up, probably because she was always doing laundry just like all moms will for the rest of time.

Laundry is one of those chores like the dishes that will never end as long as you live. You can either endure it, delegate it, or embrace it because it's here to stay. Your attitude is up to you.

I've chosen to embrace it because it gives me a few minutes of self-reflection that I can't seem to work into my schedule no matter how hard I try. Too many tasks get in the way of simply sitting and thinking about life, especially if you are a mom. I'm never alone. But there's something about doing laundry that makes the family scatter, like they'll be asked to pitch in at any moment, so I can always count on some time to myself.

Here are some of the processes I've put in motion to turn laundry into something I want to do instead of something I have to do.

  • First off, you must have a trash can for dryer lint and pocket junk (candy wrappers, receipts, etc.) or they'll just clog up the top of your machines with unflattering clutter and honestly true garbage. Who wants to look at that? Make your space a beautiful one even if it is just the laundry room.

  • All of the laundry supplies on my shelves above the washer and dryer are in left to right order as I use them because my washer is to the left of my dryer. It seems silly, but go check your supplies to make sure you are expending the least amount of effort as possible as well.

  • If any clothes are ripped or stained (i.e. they need some extra work before washing), I've got a labeled bucket to put them in so they don't get mixed back in with the general public. Then I can clean stains or mend things in mass instead of one at a time. Plus it helps the “missing button shirt” stay out of the washing cycle until it’s fixed.

  • I love listening to music and dancing while folding clothes. It's almost like getting in a mini-workout or multi-tasking mom style. Make it easy on yourself and put a radio in your laundry room (how old fashioned does that sound?) or set up a Wi-Fi speaker there for your phone and stream whatever music you like.

  • Everything is labeled so anyone in the family can find what they need should they want to clean... I almost laughed out loud at that sentence! Ha! Anyway, label and sort your supplies into categorized bins so you don't have to hunt in the back of a cabinet and potentially spill chemicals on yourself or even forget bottles way in the back and they end up expiring.

  • It seems silly, but I like having something I do every week, heck normally every day, that doesn't involve deep decisions. Since it's all organized, there's a simple process to follow that's on autopilot so my mind can easily drift off. The laundry room is where I make a lot of great decisions about things simply because I'm not trying too hard.

If after reading all of this you still think I'm crazy for loving laundry that is perfectly fine. I know it sounds a bit woo woo but laundry is one thing I've come to love, not dread, so it works for me. Just don't tell my family or they'll interrupt my me time. If you don't have any me time, seriously consider how to work it in to your life however you can, even if it means hiding in the laundry room. If you've got any other great tips to make it a more organized and blissful place, comment below and let me know. Happy folding!

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