How To Be "Summer Organized" Instead of Crazy

(my little guy enjoying the bubbles I buy by the gallon)

Organizing your summer with the kids can feel like preparing for battle. I'd rather have them remember a happy mommy instead of a frenzied stress monster. Any pre-planning and organizing I can do to get to happy faster just makes sense. A "summer organized" mom is a happy mom, even if it means you're not at your usual full strength schedule and tightly run ship. It's alright to take a break, loosen up, and let the dirt fly... and boy will it during the summer.

My idea of being "summer organized" is:

  • Adjusting your schedule at the last minute to watch your son's 3 hour soccer camp because he asked with those puppy dog eyes and you can make it all happen and not even be late.

  • Always having sunscreen and snacks. Just always.

  • Leaving extra time in your schedule to cool down the car before going anywhere (this is Texas). Being late + burning seat belts does not = happy kids.

  • Being proactive about buying popsicles and bubbles in bulk. In fact, there should be a new aisle at the grocery store called Summer Mom that is just stocked with popsicles, bubbles, water toys, diapers, and car distractions. Until then, dollar section of Target to the rescue.

  • Knowing your kids will only ask you to watch or play with them for a few more years and the laundry can wait.

  • Labeling the pool toys and sand toys and sports equipment with your name so there's never any confusion.

  • Always having emergency smore supplies and glow bracelets. In fact anything that lights up in the dark is just a must.

  • Not letting vacation or party preparations stress you out so much that the event itself is not fun (I'm so guilty of this - working on it!).

It's OK. I give you (and me) permission to let loose a little bit. You can still be organized, just breezier about it. Shift your priorities to the big basics like food, clothes, and minimizing whining. If you can take care of those three, you are doing great! Sometimes less really is more.

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