When I Die Will It Matter If My Underwear Was Folded?

My 6 year old has been asking some deep questions lately about the universe, why the world was created, and what happens when you die. I have been very upfront with him about not knowing all the answers and we have had some pretty interesting conversations in the car pool lane of all places -- why does he ask me these things one minute before I drop him off for school? It's got me thinking lately about what really matters in the end.

When it comes to organizing your home there are a lot of approaches, from not enough organization to too much. Yes, there can be too much! I truly do not want to be a slave to my home, not enjoying it at all. Finding the right balance is something I think I will always struggle with, but I'm getting there. I've said it before, but my approach to getting organized is simply to make things easier in my life so I can have more time for joy again.

I want to find what I need quickly, when I need it, without a major search. I want others visiting my home to be able to do the same. I want to be able to clean without putting things away for hours before I even get out the mop. I want to know where something belongs without question. I want to know there’s no more toilet paper before it happens. I want to know I already have 5 jars of pasta sauce so I shouldn’t buy any more. I want to make it easy for my husband to find important things without me. I want to teach my children to put their things away now so they can grow up to become responsible adults.

But when does simplifying your life through organization make it more complicated?

  • Do you ever have trouble turning off your brain with an endless To Do list cycling through it?

  • Do you ever hope the kids won't play with their toys right after the playroom is clean just so it stays that way a little longer?

  • Do you wish we all took futuristic food supplement pills instead of eating real food so we could finally stop cooking and washing all those pots and pans over and over? (Someone please get on this soon!)

  • Do you ever get so frustrated with a room in your home that you just shut the door and refuse to go in there?

  • Do you ever feel if you could just accomplish "X" you could finally relax... only "X" is soon replaced by "X.2" of course.

When my son asked me what happens when you die I honestly said that I didn't know. I told him that since we don't know what happens we need to enjoy our lives every day and just try to be happy. It's an easy answer... but am I actually behaving that way? Five minutes later I was thinking about my To Do list for the day and what I needed to get done first.

We need to stop obsessing. Stop with the shoulds. Stop comparing ourselves to others since we have no idea what truly goes on in their homes when we aren't there. Those magazine ready homes cannot possibly look like that all the time. Have you ever seen a toothbrush in a magazine bathroom? Think about it, then get your home done to your level of happiness. Organizing is an ongoing process but it doesn't have to take over your life or make you miserable. It should bring you joy and if not, then maybe you need a new approach, a friend to help you, or just a new perspective.

I don't really take the time to fold my underwear, but I'd be pretty upset if that's what I spent my time doing during my last day. What do you want to do on your last day?

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