Why You Should Stop Researching and Just Do it!

For the longest time my husband had this super loud ringtone for his text messages that was the actor, Shia Labeouf, screaming, "Just Do It!" If you haven't seen the video, do yourself a favor and Google it now. The ringtone was funny at first, then kind of scary at 2am when it woke us up, but then it grew on me. The kids even started growling "just do it!" with a smile when it was time to get in their pajamas at night. When we recently remodeled our closet and he hooked up his old phone as my new sound system, he forgot to disengage Shia at first. Every once in a while the phone would scream randomly at me, "Just Do It!" and I would look up from whatever I was doing in another room and wonder just what the closet was trying to tell me.

I'm a researcher by nature and comparing and contrasting vacation spots, car models, and new restaurants for far too long is a common theme in my life. But the busier you get, the more something has got to give. So this year I vowed to concentrate on "just doing it" more often so I could make the most of my time. How though could I let go of the researching and feel like I was making good decisions?

I decided to be more productive, plain and simple. When something requires big thoughts, I still do the research. But I cut down on the fluff:

  • The research disguised as work (an hour spent searching for marketing ideas or an innocent Facebook comment that pulls you in to reading article after article for 30 minutes) is a thing of the past.

  • I don't run an errand anymore unless I've got several in a similar location stored up.

  • Instead of just sitting in the car pool lane, I've read several books there and am happier for the new knowledge and the me time.

  • When I talk to a new person I'm interested in connecting with I call/email right away to get the ball rolling.

  • When I think of a task that needs doing I either schedule it at a convenient time on my calendar right then or hey, just do it right then.

These are not novel, new ideas. But implementing them all at once has truly freed up some previously wasted time for me, thus allowing me to spend more time making a healthier lunch. That leads to more energy, which leads to playing more (and actually being engaged in the moment) with my kids, which leads to happy, satisfied, tired kids, and hence an earlier bedtime. More adult time at night leads to more prep time for the next day and an easier morning. Wow, there is nothing that I don't like about this cycle and it just keeps getting better as the days go by.

I've said this to my clients before, but the time spent worrying about when you are actually going to do those things on your mind is such a waste. Write them down in your calendar to get them out of your head and just do them already. It feels so good. I still give my full attention to matters - I don't skimp or rush - but getting rid of the wasted time over planning and analyzing is just so nice. One of my favorite sayings is "done is better than perfect" and it really, really is true. Give it a try. Just do it!

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