Don't Forget To Remember The Little Things

This month's organizing video was all about organizing your hobbies and collections so you can really use them again and display them with pride. On especially stressful days, taking a 5 minute pause to clear your head of work and admire your collections can be a great break. However if walking through your home instead reminds you that you have so much to do and you don't even know where to start, I have an idea for you.

I challenge you today to find something in your home that you are supremely proud of. No matter what anyone else says, if you love it, be proud. Even if it has cracks or dents or dings, think about how this item makes you feel and why it makes you so proud to display it. It can be something from one of your collections, something random that catches your eye, or even something temporary. These are the real things that make a house a home and often get lost among everything else. So even if you've got clutter (and who doesn't?) and it's hard to find those precious items, dig one out now and find a great spot to show it off.

Here are a few quirky proud items of mine:

I started hanging these bells on my doorknob at Christmas time as a festive thing. Then I read that it was good feng shui to hang bells on your front doorknob to protect your home and bring in positive energy - hey, now they are multi-purpose. Finally when I realized I could hear when my little guys were coming and going out the door, well heck, I put them on the front and back doors year-round. They are my extra security system. They bring a cheerful noise when I welcome guests or telemarketers. They are dented and I love them. They are staying forever.

Something about the smell of a hyacinth in the spring always gets me. They are beautiful and only last for a short while which makes them even more precious. My husband commented yesterday that it smelled like a flower shop when he walked in the kitchen and it really did. What a great mood booster for such a little amount of effort.

This silly little elephant is a place card holder I received at one of my cousin's weddings years ago. I don't use it for that purpose anymore, but it sits on my desk next to a pot of flowers as one of the few knick knacks that I possess. I don't know why I love this shiny, in need of a polish, silver little guy, but I do, and so he stays. That's all the reason I need.

My 2 year old son lined up these bath toys on the edge of the tub the other day and it just made me laugh as I walked by. I swear their eyes seem to follow me around like the Mona Lisa as I brush my teeth. Lately I find all kinds of lined up rocks and beads and stickers all over our house and I feel a sense of pride for him that he's developing his sorting and grouping skills. Start 'em young and keep up the encouragement!

Remember that even if your prized possession is not in pristine shape or super expensive or something a celebrity owns, well, who cares? Highlight the things you love in your spaces that have meaning for you and make you smile as you walk by. Clear the clutter around these precious items so you can easily see them each day and remember what brings you joy. When one of those overwhelming days hits you, stop and smell the roses, or glance at that little trinket from your trip, or do what it takes to remember to be grateful for your home and the life you lead.

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