52 Weeks To Organized: Your Entire Home De-Cluttering Plan

52 Weeks To Organized

Are you looking for a plan to de-clutter your home? Here is my 52 week master plan for organizing your home, slowly but surely, with 1 project per week. Each project is explained via an easy and quick YouTube video and often accompanied by a blog to help give you even more ideas for your spaces. If one of the areas in your home is already organized, then skip that week and either take a break or move on to the next project.

Feel free to move as fast or slow as you like. Sometimes moving fast builds momentum and really gets you excited about creating the clutter-free home you've always wanted. However life can get in the way sometimes and there is a reason that the slow but steady turtle won the race. If you find yourself getting off track and not making as much progress as you want, please cut yourself some slack. Take some time to think about what is not working or why you've lost your motivation. Then regroup, get your family members on board with your plan, schedule in some time to work on your projects, and get going again. You can do this!

Just click on each link to see the video. Related blogs about the particular week's project are posted below some of the videos. If you want to see more organizing tips on other subjects, just click on any blog and then search the tag topics on the right to find what you need.

Week 1 EntryWay: Shoes, Keys, Coats & More

Week 2 Mail/Command Center

Blog: What Do I Do With All Of These Papers?

Week 3 School Papers

Blog: Fun Ways To Display And Store Your Child's Artwork

Week 4 Cleaning Schedule

Week 5 Family Schedule

Blog: Family Schedules - Why The Parents Have To Come First

Week 6 Kitchen Counter Tops

Blog: Organizing Your Kitchen - The Duh Principle (It's So Obvious)

Week 7 Kitchen Pantry

Week 8 Kitchen Cabinets/Drawers

Week 9 Kitchen Fridge/Freezer

Week 10 Office: Clear the Desk

Blog: Organize Your Desk With Zones

Week 11 Active/Archive Filing

Blog: Organizing Important Papers (The Archived Stuff)

Week 12 Taxes

Blog: Organized Joy's #1 Tax Organizing Tip

Week 13 Office Supplies/Books

Blog: Are You An Office Supply Junkie?

Week 14 Digital Organizing

Week 15 Garage: Zones

Blog: Garage Clutter - A Family Project

Week 16 Yard Equipment

Week 17 Attic: Zones

Blog: Attics Need Organizing, Too

Week 18 Home Inventory

Blog: Why Should I Have A Home Inventory?

Week 19 Organizing Your Car

Blog: You Can Have An Organized Car, Even If You Are A Mom!

Week 20 Pet Supplies

Week 21 Living Room

Blog: How To Get Your Living Room In Better Shape

Week 22 Magazines

Week 23 Bathroom Counters/Storage

Blog: Weird Bathroom Organizing Tips You Need To Know

Week 24 Medicine

Week 25 Makeup

Week 26 Emergency Preparedness

Blog: Are Your Kids Ready For An Emergency?

Week 27 Recap & HALFWAY Done!

Week 28 Backpack/End of School

Week 29 Kid's Clothes

Blog: 7 Ways To Make Your Kid's Closet Better

Week 30 Pinterest Kid Ideas

Week 31 Playroom: Toys/Books

Blog: How To Actually Keep Toys From Taking Over Your House

Week 32 Master Bedroom

Blog: Master Bedroom Makeover - How To Wake Up Peacefully

Week 33 Master Closet

Blog: Organizing Your Master Closet Is Just Like Your Kitchen

Week 34 Folding Clothes

Week 35 Entryway: Back to School

Blog: Quick Tips For Getting Out The Door In The Morning

Week 36 Homework Station

Week 37 Guest Room

Week 38 Gifts/Gift Wrap

Week 39 Crafts

Blog: Crafts - A Blessing Or A Burden?

Week 40 Memorabilia/Photos

Week 41 Electronics

Week 42 CDs/DVDs

Week 43 Board Games

Week 44 Party Supplies

Blog: 7 Ways To Make Parties & Gift Giving Better

Week 45 Laundry Room

Week 46 Bulk Supplies

Week 47 Linen Closet

Week 48 Holiday Planning

Week 49 Holiday Gifts/Cards

Blog: Holiday Cards - How To Manage The Sending,Receiving,Displaying and Storing

Week 50 Goal Setting

Blog: A New Year, A New Organized You

Week 51 Maintaining Your Organized Spaces

Blog: How To Easily Maintain Your Already Organized Spaces

Week 52 Recap & WINNER Announced!

*(Please note the 2014 contest has now ended)

That's it! If you have any questions about a particular video or project, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer them. Happy organizing!

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