8 Easy Halloween Organizing Tips - Before, During, & After

Halloween is finally here! Let's simplify the chaos and make room for more fun in our lives during this holiday, shall we? Here are 8 great tips for an organized Halloween:

Make A Date Specific List

You've still got time to plan out your last minute food/candy/costume shopping if it's not done yet. Plan out your tasks by date and time and divvy things up to each person in your home. Chunk your tasks by location so you don't make unnecessary extra trips out among the crowds. Hosting a last minute party? Check out this Halloween Party Planning List from Real Simple Magazine and get to checking it off.

Pick The Best Halloween Movie For Your Crew

Throw a movie on (or 2) to set the mood and distract would-be whiners during that crucial “it’s still 4pm but can we go trick or treating yet?” time. Just Google The Best Family Halloween Movies for hundreds of ideas.

I Need A Quick Dinner

Make it an easy to eat night since the kids will be distracted anyway. Sandwiches cut into Halloween shapes are simple and not much more work than a regular sandwich. Or you can get a Jack O Lantern Pizza and Spooky Dough from Papa Murphy’s and call it a night. Super cool, great price, and fun!

Don’t Bring Everything Including The Kitchen Sink

On a good day, kids get tired of holding stuff while out and about. So make it easy and keep the props and necessary stuff to a minimum. Or bring along a stroller or wagon to carry the flashlights, glow sticks, swords, wands, and even the little ones when they get tired and don’t want to walk any more. I’ve even seen hay bales in little red wagons that make for a good child carrier and picture setting!

Candy, Candy, Candy

When you finally make it back home and do the annual candy sorting, immediately take the non-favorites and add them back into the bucket for candy that you are handing out. They won’t miss it if you do it now, you know, before they start counting to make sure you didn’t steal a piece.

More Candy

A good way to end the cavity overload, tummy aches, and help others at the same time is to donate your leftover candy during the following week. Check out this link to the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program for local drop off locations.

The Day After

As Halloween falls on a weekday, it's a bit hard to find time to clean up. In the next few days or this weekend, pack up all of your decorations in an organized fashion for next year. Label your bins or get orange ones so you can easily see them in the attic.

One More Thing

It’s Daylight Savings Time next week (Nov 4th for 2018), so soon you can reward yourself by sleeping in. Unfortunately tomorrow the kids still have school. So tonight before you head out trick or treating, prep backpacks and lunches so there's less to do in the morning. Then eat some candy for breakfast and relax - you survived Halloween in an organized way!

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