Organizing Tips For Sickness and Health... and Allergies

Allergies, cold and flu season, and all those yummy germs are now invading our lives here in Austin. It's not ever fun to deal with sick kids or spouses, but there are some things you can do to make it easier upon you - the healthy and unappreciated boo-boo fixer. Getting organized before illnesses set in helps, but there are some tricks you can implement during as well.

  • Check your supplies right now for expired medications and restock, especially when things are on sale during this time of the year.

  • Keep a "sick book" for each family member that documents the dates and symptoms of their illnesses. Bring it to doctor appointments so you can flip through it while the doctor is asking you questions and you won't have to remember a thing. It can be a printable from the internet or just a dedicated blank notebook. You can also go digital and use an online calendar to keep track.

  • Buy allergy medicines that you take daily in bulk from Costco or Sam's Club. They are much cheaper this way and you don't have to run to the store each month. Recent prices for the Children's Claritin we use were: at Walmart (10 tablets for $9.56) and at Sam's Club (50 tablets for $29.88) - that's a big difference.

  • Keep travel packs of tissues in your purse, kid's backpacks, the car, and anywhere else you need so you are never without. Again, buy in bulk when on sale as these never expire.

  • Never miss a dose of medicine (or question if you actually took it) by drawing a mini-calendar on the side of the actual bottle. Then check off each dose as it happens and throw away the bottle when done.

  • Stock up on chicken soup, Pedialyte popsicles (so they are always frozen and ready), crackers, and other "sick food" so you are good to go when sickness hits unexpectedly.

  • Have a few dinners in the freezer ready to go for when mom gets sick but life needs to keep on going like normal. If they are homemade dinners, write the defrost/cook instructions on the outside of the foil or freezer bags with a Sharpie so no one has to guess what to do without you.

  • Have all doctor contact info saved in the favorites section of your phone contact list. Don't just write Dr. Smith - instead add on to the name what type of doctor and which family member it's for. Example Dr. Smith, Jack's pediatrician.

Good luck, happy flu season, and I hope to see you feeling better again soon!

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