Crafts: A Blessing Or A Burden

Hobbies are supposed to be fun. Remember fun? It's that feeling you get when you do something that gives you pleasure and brings a smile to your face? But sometimes the maintenance of hobbies can overwhelm you and the fun takes a backseat. Finding the supplies, setting up an area to craft, cleaning up, and all that work makes the actual creation part seem just not worth it.

Your first decision to make: to craft or not to craft? Just because other moms do it (and post it on social media for all to praise/envy/secretly mock) does not mean you have to. Giving birth or adopting a child or having a step-kid does not automatically supply you with a crafting gene. If you choose to just say no, then the supplies you do have can be organized for school projects and placed near the kids school supplies, donated, or given to a crafty mom friend.

If you choose to embrace crafting, knowing the road to the "perfect" scrapbook is fraught with peril and frustration, then do it wholeheartedly. Stop fooling around and get serious with it! Another level of decisions needs to be made:

What room are you going to craft in?

Gather up all the crafting supplies from your home and move them to your selected room. Your family will really appreciate the random bags of stuff being removed from closets everywhere.

Is this room multi-purpose (i.e. also the dining or guest room)?

Find a way to access and use your crafting supplies while also keeping the room's other purpose functional. Draw a line separating the spaces if need be. Vow that none shall pass and mean it.

Do you like visible or hidden storage?

If you want people walking into the room to see your stuff, go with clear bins, pegboard on the walls, hanging ribbon holders, and big surfaces to lay things out and leave them while working. If you prefer a more hidden approach, use repurposed kitchen cabinets, a vintage china armoire, a foldable desk, or even a craft wardrobe (a little piece of heaven for the serious crafters).

How do I organize all of my supplies in my room?

Simply put - put the like with the like. All stamps go in one box or several boxes next to each other. All paint together and next to the box of paintbrushes if you please. You can drill down the bigger categories like say paint into smaller bins of watercolors, acrylics, poster, and oils if you have those or just stick with one big bin if your knowledge of paint is just by color alone.

Once you've containerized all of your supplies (and you should rather than leave the little things loose), you've got to sit and think about the flow of your space. Putting the things you use the most at the most accessible places makes sense. But also, putting the paper cutter next to the paper, which is near the trash can (for scraps) makes a lot of sense, too.

Don't forget you can also treat your crafting as a seasonal thing, similar to your closet. Group Christmas and Halloween items together and store them up high when it's not that time of the year. When those holidays roll around, shift things down to use them, and revel in the extra space during the spring or summertime.

Another tip to make it easier on those who craft with you (kids or friends) is to label everything and I mean everything. If you separate out stickers into categories, label the different containers so someone else doesn't just lump them all together. Label the shelf where you keep big ticket items like your Cricut so everyone knows where it goes after pulling it out to a table to use. Plus it makes clean up a cinch since you can do it on auto-pilot, mindlessly sorting things back into place quickly without having to make decisions every time.

So are you ready to pick your poison - crafter or not? Make a choice, then get organized once and for all so you can free up your time for either other hobbies or for some actual crafting. It's time for some fun!

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