Quick Tips For Getting Out The Door In The Morning

We’ve already talked about setting up a “mudroom” type area to make it easier to get out the door in the morning for school, but what else can you do to cut down on the last minute panic? Here are some quick tips to streamline your routine. Don't try them all at once, but implement them one at time, get into the new habit, then add another technique and see what works best for you.

  • Make lunches the night before - it's just so much easier, you've got to try it.

  • Set recurring timers on your phone to signal transitions times, like "breakfast is over - time to get dressed" and you'll cut down on the lateness.

  • Arrange backpacks, notes to the teacher, etc. for quick pick up in the morning by doing it the day before, like when you get home in the afternoons or at night when the kids are in bed.

  • Give yourself ample mom time before the kids get up to get dressed, make your bed, eat, drink your coffee, or whatever you want to do peacefully without them.

  • Set up a week’s worth of clothes on Sundays in a hanging organizer in the closet so getting dressed is super quick and void of that "what do I want to wear?" conversation.

  • Build in extra time into your schedule to clean up breakfast so you don’t come back to that mess later on, but instead a clean, cheerful kitchen.

  • Keep an “oops supply” in your car/purse so you can be supermom to the rescue – extra hair bands, envelopes for the teacher, Band-Aids and more. This cuts down on trips back into the house after everyone is already in the car.

  • Look at the school calendar NOW and schedule in all the weird stuff – early dismissal days, wear unusual clothes days, or grandparents lunch day. As soon as you hear about new events from your teacher, schedule them in pronto.

  • If you didn't make the new doctor or dentist appointments as you left last time, call and do them now. The afternoon appointments (that don’t conflict with school time) fill up fast and pulling the kids out of school for this is not much fun.

  • The hands down best way to start the day out right is to spend a few minutes each night with the kids doing a toy/clothes/clutter pickup. An easy overall rule to follow is nothing should be left on the floor. This helps with middle of the night emergencies as well, because nothing says ouch like stepping on a Lego at 3am.

Looking for more ideas? Check out Organized Joy's Help For Busy Moms and Back To School Boards on Pinterest for tips about meals, school papers, artwork, playrooms, family schedules and more.

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