Beyond the Clothes: Organizing The Rest Of Your Closet

Tackling the clothes in your master closet can be a joy, a pain, or a little of both. But after you accomplish that task there are still some things to do. Depending on what you love to collect, you may have shoes, jewelry, scarves, purses, or other kinds of accessories taking up a lot of room in your closet. If you organize them right, it can look like Carrie's dream closet from Sex and the City. Clutter everything up and it can be your ticket to arriving late at every fancy event you attend. "I can't find anything!" will be your constant battle cry. So let's fix this now.


There are hundreds of shoe organizers out there. Hundreds. The best ones involve you doing zero work to get to your shoes, so I highly recommend skipping the complicated stuff. Don't keep your shoes in pretty boxes you have to open (you won't use the ones stacked on the bottom much) or the original shoe boxes (you can't see your shoes). Shelves and racks work great and the best way to get even more space is by facing one shoe forward and one shoe backwards so they nestle in to each other.

If your boots tend to fall over and flop, a free fix is to roll up magazines and put them inside to keep the boots upright. Or invest in boot shapers from The Container Store to keep them in their perfect shape.


These beautiful linens can become a tangled, wrinkled mess very quickly. Hang them on an organizer that has a hook on top like a regular hanger (this one at IKEA also works for belts) or fold them into little squares and keep them in a box using my clothes folding method. Either way, arrange them by color just like everything else so you can find them easily.


These can arranged along the top of your closet and will resemble the display in a store if you do it right, placing the larger ones in back and angling them so they look their best. If the purses without a stiff structure to them flop over like your boots, use balled up acid-free tissue paper or newspapers to keep them upright. Small clutches can be organized into a shallow box so you can see everything you have at once.


This category really depends on what kind you have - chunky necklaces and bracelets, delicate chains, lots of earrings or none at all. The Container Store is a great place to find jewelry organizers because typically you want to invest in a good quality container for your pieces that are so easily breakable and expensive. Your options include felt lined boxes, hanging organizers that go on your closet rod like a piece of clothing, traditional jewelry boxes, or even fishing tackle type boxes that aren't flashy, but very easy to manage. Pinterest also has tons of ideas on this subject for hanging everything out in the open but I don't like to dust, so I pass on those.

Everything Else

Along with the pretty stuff, people tend to store luggage, memorabilia, gift wrap, and school papers from the kids in their closets. I've even organized ammunition boxes along the bottom of a closet before - this is Texas - so anything goes. Just keep it simple and remember to put the things you need to access most in the most accessible places. If you only travel once a year, then that luggage should most definitely go up high and out of the way. Think about it in a logical manner and you'll do just fine. Happy organizing!

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