Master Bedroom Makeover: How To Wake Up Peacefully

The first thing you should see when you open your eyes in the morning should bring you joy, not fear or frustration or sadness. A clean, organized, peaceful master bedroom can start your day off right, leading to a day full of wonderful possibilities. Wading through clothes and stumbling over toys on your way to the bathroom does not make for a peaceful wakeup call.

In my organizing video this week, I talked about the 5 Steps to Making Your Master Bedroom An Oasis. Since I moved into a new home last week, a peaceful oasis amidst the moving storm was something very much needed in my life. It took about 30 minutes to go from the before to the after and you can, too. Here's how:

I started out with a pretty clean space but if yours isn't, take some time to put away all the clothes and anything on the floor or table/dresser surfaces. Then decide if the furniture needs to be moved or it's staying as is. Next pick your theme or color scheme and shop around your house for pieces (lamps, artwork, etc.) that would look fabulous in your room and actually highlighted instead of hidden. Above all, have fun playing around and fussing with things to see how they will work best.

Dresser Area

I moved the backpack, hamper and box of sweaters I'd been meaning to put in the closet actually in the closet. Then I cleared all the random junk that accumulates on the top of the dresser when you don't know where to put it (a huge problem when you move and haven't assigned homes to stuff yet) and found proper homes for it all. Lastly I started moving decor items around to see where they looked best - the box is a pretty catchall for emptying your pockets at the end of the night and it surprisingly came from my gift wrap supplies.

Window Area

I took down the curtains that came with the home and found some new ones at Kohl's that brightened up the place. Then I switched out the blanket on my chair with one from a different room that matched the curtains better and added a pillow from the bed to tie it all together. I fussed around some more and thought the vase looked better in the window than on the dresser.

Bed Area

I haven't hung artwork yet, but decided to create a new piece from the top of my old desk that doesn't work in this house. When I put it on top of the headboard I thought, hmm, done! I found a white vase from another room that looked good against the black and took the yellow pillowcases from my sons' duvet sets they weren't using. Both gave the bed a bright spot of color that was much needed.

All in all, I didn't do anything life changing, but the next time I walked into the room I felt so pleased and peaceful. It was totally worth it, even if my husband didn't notice a thing (sigh). Plus it still looks exactly like this because I created an easy-to-maintain space that takes less than 5 minutes to tidy up. That is something I'm sure you can get on board with, especially if it brings you such peace like my space does for me. Here's to sweet dreams for us all!

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