Are Your Kids Ready For An Emergency?

Our Organizing Video this week focused on emergency kits and it's something all homes should have, especially with the crazy weather we've been having lately here in Austin. It's our job as adults to be organized and prepared with emergency supplies and a plan of action, but what to do about our kids? You know how on a typical day the smallest things (a late meal, their favorite shirt is dirty) sometimes set them off? Well take a moment to imagine how they feel during an emergency or natural disaster. Make it your goal to set some things in place BEFORE the craziness hits and save yourself and your kids a lot of trouble and unnecessary fear.

Don’t be caught out in the rain

You never know where you are going to be when a disaster happens, or even a tiny boo-boo. Having an emergency kit in your purse and in your car is a good idea as well as your home so super mom can come to the rescue once again. A pocket first aid kit from the Red Cross is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and at only $3 it’s well worth it.

Fun Supplies

We told you about the basics of an emergency kit in our video, but make sure to include some fun snacks and distractions as well. A kid friendly animal flashlight is sure to be a hit, especially when it has a crank or pump and requires no batteries. I know I appreciate that as kids tend to leave flashlights on and drain the batteries unknowingly. Check out this windable one from IKEA that they and you will be sure to love.

When in doubt, turn to Mickey Mouse

The Red Cross has an online Disney digital activity book for young kids all about Disaster Preparedness. You can print it out or complete the activities online with your kids as a great activity on a rainy summer afternoon. Barnes & Noble even has a Natural Disaster nonfiction category for kids with over 108 books for all ages. Include a few on your summer reading list to inform your kids all about hurricanes, earthquakes and more. Let them know about disasters ahead of time – don’t wait until you are all in the bathtub hunkered down to have a talk about tornados.

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