How Do You Get Really Inspired To Organize?

We've been thinking a lot about what our clients need as the seasons change. Sometimes summer is a great month for organizing - the kids are home and you can finally get them to go through all the artwork, toys, and stuff they've accumulated this year. Sometimes summer isn't so great - you get too busy with all of the outdoor activities (plus it's so hot here in Texas) that the last thing you want to do is stop all the fun to do "work" and make more decisions.

That's why sometimes it's just fun to dream and get inspired about all the things you want to do. Will you ever get to them? The choice is yours to schedule and follow through with your project (or call us to help)... or maybe not. Maybe you haven't found the right inspiration yet to really get you excited to revamp that junk room or make the laundry room usable and fun again. Yes, laundry can be fun, but only if you do it right.

So here are some of our favorite ways to get inspired to organize:

Read a magazine! We both have lots of subscriptions as, ahem, research. But it really is fun to tab the pages of the stuff you dream of doing and think about how wonderful your room would make you feel and how productive you'd be in it. I have several binders with categories like "Craft Room," "Backyard," and even "Master Dream Closet" that might be unrealistic, but hey, you never know.

Surf Pinterest! I resisted this decorating drug for a while but it's just crazy not to utilize all the brilliant ideas here. The secret board my mom, sister, and I had for my sister's wedding was key to managing being the maid of honor even though I was halfway across the country from the wedding location. My sister could pin pictures of ideas she had and it was so fun to see her decorating and color concepts and even her in her dress at the fitting. You can organize recipes on here (and quickly pull them up at the store - genius!) and home DIY projects are so easy to find, with lots of people giving you all the pricing and where to buy each and every product.

Speaking of DIY - Organizing Blogging Sites! We have our favorites of course, but there are so many to choose from that you'll never find yourself without a solution to your latest jam. Check out Young House Love for some fabulous DIY home projects, IHeart Organizing for great organizing tips from a mom striving for balance (sound familiar?) and Organizing Made Fun for some ideas to have an organized, yet relaxed home life that doesn't look like a magazine. Do we agree with their tips all of the time? No, of course not. But that's the beauty of sharing your opinion and that's why we have this blog for you to hear our personal thoughts on organizing. Everyone puts their own fun spin on things and we love sharing and helping you all simplify your lives so you spend more time with your families and less time searching for things. That's what we're all about.

So start getting inspired and thinking about what you need as summer kicks into gear. Then contact us to see what we can help you with. Olinda loves anything to do with numbers of course, but that girl also gets crazy happy when she gets to organize a pantry! Kate's favorite is hands down a craft room, with the more supplies, the better! If you've got either one of those rooms that needs some love, let us know and we'll be over with a joyful smile on just as soon as we can.

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