How Can I Actually Organize My Bathroom For Free?

Organizing your bathroom is truly one of the easiest rooms in your home. It may be one of the ickiest (dirty, dusty, slimy, and grimy) but it's a quick one with easy rules to follow. If you do it right, you could end up with more space, a cleaner room, a quicker morning routine, and do it all without spending a dime!

Step 1: EMPTY

Pull out all medicines, beauty products/tools, and miscellaneous stuff from under your counters, in your vanity drawers, your medicine cabinet, and on the counter around the sink. Check each item to see if it's expired and if it is, either simply throw it away, or make a list so you can replace what you need.

If it's medicine that has expired, check the FDA website to see how to dispose of it properly.

Step 2: SORT

As you are checking expiration dates, group all of your items into like categories - first aid, makeup, hair care, children's medicine, soaps, lotions, travel products, etc. Decide, based on how much space you have, if you are keeping everything together (all 6 bottles of shampoo in the same place) or storing bulk items (5 of the 6 bottles of shampoo) in a less accessible part of the bathroom for you to access when you need to replenish your supplies.

Step 3: PLAN

See if anything really belongs in another room, not the bathroom, and move it out. If anything needs to be donated/sold/returned to someone else, move it out. Now that you can see everything you are actually keeping (a lot will have disappeared at this point because it was expired or tried once and not ever used again like makeup) decide what you use on a regular basis and need close at hand. Also decide what can be placed in harder to reach spots up high or down low, like curlers you only use occasionally or fancy guest soaps you replace only once in a while.

Step 4: CLEAN

While everything is still out, clean out the drawers, under the sink, and inside dirty trays and bins where medicines/chemicals have leaked out. Clean the counter and try not to place much back there to clutter it up again.


Now that you can see how many products will fit where, repurpose the containers/trays/organizers that you were using plus find some new ones around the house if you need to. Remember that fork/knife/spoon cutlery trays work great in bathroom drawers. Shoe boxes from the closet are wonderful for storing medicines, lotions, and other products as long as you label them. A tray from your china cabinet that is going unused would look beautiful holding perfume and lotion. And in a pinch, you can even use old checkbook boxes, top and bottom, or any kind of clean cardboard box to house items inside drawers or under the sink.

Secret Step 6: MAINTENANCE

As you step back and admire your wonderful new bathroom, don't forget to keep it looking this way with a regular clean up. Put your makeup and lotion back where they belong just like you would toys in a toy box. Keep that counter clean by setting up a specific basket where you can empty the change and receipts from your pockets each night. Schedule in time in your calendar 6 months from now to recheck all the dates on your products. Keep it up and look forward to a much more pleasant space... all it cost you was some elbow grease and time well spent!

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