You Can Have an Organized Car, Even If You Are A Mom!

One of our sayings at Organized Joy is that “we help you organize your home, your small business and your life.” So it’s only appropriate that we venture outside of your home as well and tackle that mobile home of yours – the car.

If you are anything like me, a mom & business owner, you practically live out of your car. Keeping it neat and clean is a small part of being organized. It's important but it's also not everything. There will always be goldfish and toys lurking under the seat somewhere and that's ok. Aside from the clean factor, what does it mean to have an organized car? It could mean you have a well-stocked emergency kit. There's a designated place for trash and it’s not the floor. You're able to entertain the kids while stuck in traffic. Or the items you do have don’t come crashing to the ground if you have to stop short and hit the brakes.

While I normally advocate reusing products for other purposes, your car is different. I feel it's the one place that pays to buy the product specifically designed for it. Trunk organizers are designed to hold groceries and muddy soccer gear. They have rubberized bottoms that keep them in place and they work very well. Seat organizers, meant to fit in-between kids or car seats, have tons of pockets for toys and cup holders. The kids can actually reach everything without having to yell, “MOM”. There are also visor organizers, holders for your cell phone and back of the seat organizers.

The specialized products you can find are amazing, but don't think you can’t DIY a tiny little bit as well. Empty tissue boxes can store tons of plastic grocery bags to catch trash. Bins from the house can work in your trunk for groceries, donation items, library books to be returned and sports gear. But make sure they stay in place and fit your space well, or things will slide and make you crazy while driving. Again, consider buying the proper product for the proper place if your DIY versions don't work.

There are also a few luxuries out there if you are in the market to organize your house on wheels. Mobile file boxes are a saving grace for me as I transport files in the car for meetings and appointments. I will gladly pay extra not to scoop papers that have fallen from my front seat ever again. There are also some nifty window clings out there to keep the sun out of the little ones eyes. They are worth every penny as well, especially in the hot Texas summers.

One last tip about organizing your car once it’s clean and you’ve got all your pretty new products in there. Please vow to keep it that way with a little thing called maintenance. I'm not talking about getting your oil changed here, but more like a monthly vacuum and toy purge. Plus, each time you are pumping gas, make a point to throw out all the trash you see on the floors. Or throw out your almost full trash bag and start a new one from your tissue box stash. Get the kids into the regular cleaning habit too. With something to do, they’ll be whining less about those stops for gas and that’s a win-win for everyone!

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