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This week, we had a wonderful blog posted about Organized Joy by Rebecca at Round The Rock. It's a fabulous website that talks about all of the amazing things you can do, eat and attend right here in Round Rock. I met Rebecca at her home and walked through a typical Half Day Organizing Package with her so she could see exactly what goes on for her article. As expected, I had some great organizing ideas that she hadn't thought of and was grateful to hear. What I didn't expect was her great ideas because of her willingness to share how the client feels when someone organizes their home.

It's always exciting going to a new client's home because everyone is different. Therefore, there is no "one way" to get organized. It's one of the challenges that always makes my day fun and interesting. I provide information on the OJoy website about our services, hoping it will help each new client be more at ease. But I also realize after meeting Rebecca that I can be even more forthcoming with exactly what happens during a session. Every Professional Organizer is going to have their own style and way of doing things. So to help you understand us a little better, here is a very clear description of a typical day at Organized Joy:

First Things First

When I walk in the door, often clients get immediately apologetic and start asking me to excuse the mess. As I tell them ahead of time PLEASE DON'T CLEAN BEFORE OUR SESSION! I've seen it all, really, and not much surprises me anymore. I want to see exactly what is bothering you the most and it's easiest to see when it's all out in the open, not shoved in a box in a closet. For instance, if you pile your mail somewhere it really doesn't belong, I want to see it, so together we can figure out WHY. Getting to the why is what organizing is all about.

Let's Sit Down

I like to sit down with new clients and talk for a bit before seeing your spaces. The reason for that is to loosen you up and relax you a bit, but also to find out more about you. I have a list of fun questions that reveal how your whole household functions, what motivates you, what you don't want to waste time with, and truly what you want... what you really, really want. Some people want to jump right in to the room that is bugging them and cut the chit chat. But by asking these questions, I'll gain great ideas for you before we even see your space. Also it saves time by eliminating solutions that are obviously just not for you.

The Grand Tour

Next we walk around together and view all of the spaces you would like suggestions about. I'll take some more notes, maybe some measurements and even a photo or two so I can remember your space later on. I'm also very proud to post before and after pictures of our favorite spaces on our website but do so only with permission. (At the end of our session there is a testimonial and photo release for you if you wish to participate) Even if you don't want us to use your photos, we love hearing the feedback on our testimonial page so we can improve our services.

Let's Do It

At the end of our tour, we discuss where you want to start working first. I grab my magic bag of organizing tools, and we get to work. I always try to work with you to explain why we do what we do and ask you questions to find out why you do what you do. Plus, working together allows us to make much faster progress on your space. We'll do as much as we can, while respectfully allowing you time to make decisions about your possessions and memories. I also value leaving you with a usable space when I leave. So we stop a few minutes early to clean up, take out the trash/recycling, move donations to our car, schedule another session if needed, and collect payment. I like leaving clients with a happy smile because things should end on a great note!

It's Not Over Yet

After our initial session, I follow up with you within a few business days to share links to products you might be interested in, send copies of donation receipts, offer contact info of other people you might need (handymen, movers, etc.), or even suggest videos to watch that might help you out.

So that is often how we spend our day at Organized Joy, helping our clients. On "office days" I answer client emails, talk to virtual organizing clients on the phone, attend NAPO & networking meetings, work on our website & social media, write blogs, our monthly newsletter & our latest organizing book, do speaking engagements, shoot our organizing videos, run errands, and drop off a lot of donations.

I hope by sharing this little slice of our business, that you have gotten to know us better. If you are already a friend, you know that our goal really is to bring joy, organized joy, into your life. We just can't help it and we're not going to stop trying any time soon.

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