Inspire Yourself To Get Organized

It's that time of year that gets a lot of people down. It's past the major holidays, the weather is still a bit too cold for outdoor fun, the new years resolutions are losing their steam, and the flu season is upon us. It's hard to get motivated to do much of anything, let alone get organized. Ugh. Nevertheless, we say it's the perfect time to bring some order into your life before the spring comes and you're off and busy. Getting organized now will save you so much time in the future that it's really a no-brainer. No, really - now is the time!

We've been talking kitchens lately and how to spruce them up with organizing. But what if you are just too tired to even start? Here are some tips to inspire you to get going on that kitchen or whatever project that you really need to tackle.

1. Find your happy place - for me, music is a big motivator. I've worked with clients that jam out best to country, the soundtrack to Glee, and even 80s (a personal fav). Even if it's not my cup of tea, any type of music that gets you going and keeps you going is a winner. Try listening to one of these 25 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time because there's got to be at least one that does it for you.

2. Get your mind in gear - you can't organize if you are cranky. Let's face it that some people don't like organizing no matter what, so couple that with a bad mood and it's just a recipe for disaster. Take a look at your calendar and schedule in some organizing time when you don't have a looming deadline or will be in a rush to get somewhere immediately afterwards. Set yourself up for success, not failure.

3. Motivation is key - one of my favorite organizing stories is about a sweet client that loved this certain kind of root beer. On a day that I knew would be particularly rough (lots of paperwork), I brought him some of his favorite drink and we had a glass together before we started. It was one of my favorite organizing days ever - lots of smiles, smooth sailing and positive vibes all around! Figure out your motivator and reward yourself for a job well done.

4. Don't take on the world - the reason we started our 52 Weeks To Organized video challenge is that not many people like organizing for a full 8 hour day. It's exhausting, physically and mentally, and it's hard to make so many changes in your life in one day. Yes, it's great to revamp a whole room, but you often end up with a mess halfway through, then don't want to finish, so you throw it all back in haphazardly again. Next time, instead start with one drawer in your kitchen, finish it, and then move on to the next if you are up to it. When you get braver and more confident, start taking on bigger and bigger sections of a room at a time.

5. Two heads are better than one - some people are control freaks (myself included) and we like to do things our way. However when it comes to making decisions about your home and personal items, it's often best to have the opinion of an outsider. Try to find an honest and organized friend of yours to help you out. He or she can tell you if you're being silly by hanging on to 9 spatulas, especially when 5 of them look older than dirt. Plus if they are a really great friend (or professional organizer), they can ask the ultimate question: "Why?" Why are those items taking up prime kitchen space if you never use them? Why are you keeping those wedding gifts from 15 years ago if you really don't like them (guilt is an ugly thing, baby) or why are you walking so much in your kitchen when you could move things around to save yourself time?

Go call one of your friends, turn on some music, get some chocolate (or whatever it takes) and start small. A victory is a victory, no matter the size. Celebrate that organized junk drawer!

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