Holiday Cards: How to Manage the Sending, Receiving, Displaying & Storing

The holidays are almost here, but it's not too late to get a handle on your cards. It seems so simple and cute (look at all those babies!) but planning, writing, giving, receiving, displaying and storing them can be a holiday nightmare and a job unto itself! Here are some tips to get it all done without losing your holiday spirit.

The holiday shipping deadlines are fast approaching, so if you haven't sent your cards out yet, do it now... like today. You can go with a simple greeting card, write your message, sign your name, address it, and add a stamp. Or there are still deals to be found on photo cards from shutterfly, snapfish, and even CVS, which is a great alternative since you can pick them up in store the same day you create them.

Once you've got your cards in hand, set yourself up on a little table or a desk and start assembling. You'll need a pen, stamps, and your address book at minimum, but some people add stickers, handwritten messages, or school pictures of the kids. Get yourself a Card Record Book (this one will last you years) as well to keep track of whom you sent a card to and what cards you received. It'll save you so much time and trouble - trust us.

The fun part really begins when your cards are all sent out, your job is done, and you start receiving all of these beautiful cards from your friends and family. There are a lot of fun ideas about how to display them on the OJoy Pinterest board Holidays Handled. You can make a cute book of them each year, decorate the mantel, make a wreath, or even decorate your kitchen cabinets.

After the holidays are over, decide what you want to do with your cards:

  • Some people like to take them out every holiday season and reminisce.

  • Others put them in a scrapbook to be viewed along with the vacation photos.

If you are not a sentimental person, but feel guilty throwing them away - fear not! It is ok to get rid of them. I repeat, it is ok to get rid of your holiday cards. You are not getting rid of the love you have for those people, just the physical card that they sent you.

A wonderful alternative to just recycling them is sending them to St. Jude’s where they reuse the front of the cards and sell them to support abused, neglected, and homeless children, young adults and families. What a great way to end your holiday season with a smile!

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