Loving Your Laundry Room

Making peace with your laundry room is a hard task. For a place that is supposed to help us get our things clean, it sure gets awfully junky, neglected, and downright dirty. I used to hate the laundry room in my last house as it was a pass through between rooms and was so awkward. But my new "laundry closet" is 5 times smaller and sits in my kitchen next to the fridge, which is just super fun (yes, that's sarcasm).

So how can we learn to love our laundry rooms again? Well, by making the processes we do in there flow better. For example, think of the reception desk at an office. If the person sitting there is right handed, doesn't it make more sense to have the phone on the right side of the desk? The same ideas apply to your laundry room.

Put the things you need closest to where you need them.

Put less often used items up high and leave the prime space for constantly accessed items. If a cabinet shelf is not big enough to house those gigantic laundry detergent bottles, see if your shelf is adjustable and move it up. If you are emptying trash from pants pockets on to the top of the drier to sit there for ages, instead move a small trash can into the laundry room to catch the trash immediately.

Once you've streamlined your processes, you can begin to see if there are better products out there to help you save even more time. Professional Organizers really, really don't want you to buy a ton of seemingly cool boxes and bins that you truly don't need. But sometimes a new product will in fact make your life easier. Take the 4 Tier Slim Cart from The Container Store for example. It's only 6 3/4" wide and fits so well in that weird space in between your washer or drier and the wall.

Another great product we discovered recently is the Triple Mesh Sorter from Walmart. It's an incredible price ($9.97) for such a useful product that could be used in your laundry room, closet, or even for toys, sports equipment, or for gift wrap. Very multi-purpose!

If you need any more great ideas, be sure to check out our blog on Kate's new "laundry closet" in her tiny apartment or our blog about 24 Amazing Ways to Use Over The Door Shoe Organizers, which are very handy in a laundry room. Happy Laundry Love!

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