A New Year, A New Organized You!

As the end of the year approaches, are you relaxed and happy about your life, or are you in a state of panic? We love making lists (online, paper, you name it) and this is the perfect time of the year to make a list and check it twice. Let us help you review your goals for your home, your taxes, your work, and your life.

Review Your Past Goals

A lot of companies do an end of year review for all of their employees. Take stock now and make a list of all of the great things you did this past year at work that you want to highlight in your review. Make goals for next year to show your potential value to your company – a course you want to take, a project you wish to implement, or a committee you want to start up. Do the same thing for your personal life. Don’t worry about how silly they sound or if your goals are big or small – just dump all of that information out of your head and onto paper or your pc/laptop/tablet. Think about all of the things you planned to do this year, things you did accomplish, and the things you started but didn’t finish. Try to pinpoint why certain things got done and others did not. Try keeping an Activity Log for one week to see what you really do with your time, not what you think you do.

Plans For The New Year

Start implementing the ideas of Prioritization (work on the highest value tasks first), Motivation (figure out what motivates you and reward yourself for goals accomplished), and Scheduling (break down all large goals into smaller projects and schedule them in your calendar). If you want to paint your living room, but are waiting for nicer weather, start pulling color samples now. However don't forget to also schedule a weekend in your calendar a few months from now for the actual painting, so you have dedicated time for the task. If you want to take a summer trip next year, set up a savings account now and schedule a certain amount of money per month to be automatically deposited into the account.

Prepare For Your Taxes Now

Everyone wants to be that person that gets their taxes done early and easily, but it doesn’t always happen. Before the end of the year, make it your goal to set up a new system for tax paperwork so you start the year out right. Separate out anything from the past year so it doesn’t get mixed in with the current year. Look at all of your papers and decide what categories you generally keep – medical receipts, charity donations, documents for your home business, etc. Make folders for those categories, instead of a general tax file where you store all tax documents together. This way you can file papers correctly all year long to minimize a last minute scramble to find everything.

Getting Your Home Back After The Holidays

If the idea of getting your home back in order after the holidays scares you, then make some goals about how to reorganize your whole home slowly, but surely.

  • If organizing the clothes in your closet is too big a task for you, then just place an empty box in there with the label “donate.” Anytime you try on something that doesn’t fit, makes you feel blah, or simply doesn’t flatter you, just put it in the box. Get into the Empty Box Habit in any room in your house to pare down without even thinking about it.

  • If setting up the holiday décor put you in Grinch mode, then put it away in a more organized fashion so next year’s set up is something to look forward to. Throw away anything broken, donate any pieces that don’t fit your theme anymore, and categorize all of your boxes. Instead of labeling 10 boxes “Christmas,” label one for outside lights, one for inside lights, one for your mantel décor, and one for tree ornaments.

  • Check out our new series of 52 Tips called 52 Weeks To Organized starting January 1st. We will give you one mini-project each week to accomplish. Complete only one task each 7 days, and by the end of the year, your whole house will be joyfully organized!

So remember: review your goals from last year, set some new ones, implement a few new plans, and start off the year on the right path. Soon you'll be singing Auld Lang Syne with no regrets. Happy List Making!

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