Why Should You Use A Professional Organizer?

When we were little kids, we aspired to be lawyers, doctors, teachers, soldiers, ballerinas, and even movie stars. A Professional Organizer was not a job that even existed. My favorite games to play were "Classroom" and "Bank" because I could organize all the papers and/or money, make lists, and tell everyone what to do as the person in charge. I didn't know why I loved to organize my Barbie's clothes and dream house, but that seemed like the fun part to me - who wanted to actually play with the dolls?

Strange people like me (who love to categorize things and label everything including the label maker) exist in this world for a reason. Your goal in life should be to find what you love and live the life that makes you happy. Really! If there are parts of that life that don't run as smoothly as they should, that's where a professional organizer comes in. It's as simple as that. We can optimize your time, relieve your stress, eliminate clutter, help with prioritizing your To Dos, finish up projects that have been nagging you for years, help with paperwork, taxes, and filing, and make your schedule flow better in order to give you a happier, more joyful life! WOW!

Several years ago when you asked for help in your life, your business, or whatnot, it was looked upon as needy. Now, it's viewed as a smart decision to outsource what you don't have time to do yourself. And why not ask an expert for help? If you need a Professional Organizer, a good resource is NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, which we are members of. Another great source is the directory of Certified Professional Organizers®, which we also belong to.

NAPO is conducting a survey right now asking the public what they think about Professional Organizers. When asked what we do for a living, we still sometimes get a blank stare or raised eyebrows and the statement, "that's a real thing?" We would love for the public to get a better idea of what we do and what we can do for you, so please take a few minutes to take the survey and let us know how you feel.

If you still have questions, please ask us. We can't help if we don't know what you need. Once we know more about your situation, it's much easier to give you specific suggestions about what will work for you. A lot of people are really blown away by what just one session with us can do. We are only talking about 3 hours of your time spent with us... and it can change your whole life. What is an "A HA moment" worth to you?

Contact us now with any questions you may have. Not ready to commit to having us visit you? Sign up for our monthly newsletter to start getting inspired. Read our blog to see what we can do for you, just like we have for our other clients. Book an Organizing Party in your home so you can see on a small scale what it's like to work with a Professional Organizer. Take charge of the things that are bothering you about your life and do something now!

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