Small Spaces - Part 5: My Favorite Things

This is the last part of our series on Small Spaces. It's the wrap up - these are the most helpful ideas that I have implemented in my tiny cave of an apartment. Even if you do have tons of space, these ideas may help you streamline some things in your home and who doesn't love that?

First up are measuring cups. In my kitchen I am without a junk drawer, baking drawer... pretty much just drawers. So I followed this Pinterest tip and hung them up with 3M Command Hooks on the inside of my spice cabinet. Since I'm renting I couldn't do the cool chalkboard paint labeling, so I just labeled the hooks themselves with my label maker. And yes, the cup on the right is bothering me since it's too far away from the others and I will be moving it as soon as I'm done writing this.

I love, love, love my IKEA BRIMNES bed with drawers underneath it. It was just made for apartment living. But I didn't fully appreciate the optional headboard until I put the bed in the room without it and realized just how much I truly store in it. It's only 11" deep so I thought I would save a lot of space without it, but I was dead wrong. Once it was back in the room I immediately had places for my books, artwork, clock, phone chargers, and a lamp. Plus my kids love crawling in the tiny tunnel it makes under the bed and I love to tickle their feet when they are stuck halfway inside.

I haven't had a medicine cabinet in a while and I've forgotten how useful they are. I stored my big items in an over the door shoe organizer hanging on the bathroom door, but the little stuff that gets lost anyway fits here perfectly. Plus the little boxes (called Really Useful Boxes) I normally store Legos or beads in worked out well for hair bands and nail files. If you wait until back to school time to buy them, they can be had for as little as 5 cents apiece!

This is how the entryway turned out so far (minus artwork yet to hang) and I am in love with the IKEA TRONES shoe cabinets! They are only 7 1/4" deep and perfect for small entryways. The kids are actually putting their shoes away in their cabinet and we use an extra one for hats, gloves, and scarves. Plus our keys don't fall off the top because the edges have a raised lip. Read all about my entryway struggles here.

I am finding myself without a fireplace for the first time in many years and I couldn't figure out where to put that "stuff." You know - the useless decor that looks pretty and makes you feel good but has no purpose? Yes, I have a bit of that too. So, when in doubt about where to put things - go up! People always forget how much vertical space they have, and I've got to use every inch, so the top of my bookcases were perfect. Creating these little vignettes made it feel like home just a wee bit more, albeit without a fireplace. Oh well, we picked a "free nights electricity provider" so I'll just crank it up after 9pm and sit in the blazing heat.

I couldn't forget my JOY letters! IKEA has the RIBBA picture ledges on sale this month for IKEA Family Members so I picked one up along with my shoe cabinets. I can't wait to hang it tonight over my desk and get my JOY up on the wall. It also holds scrapbooking punches perfectly, spice jars, holiday decor, pictures - you name it. It's easier to place a picture on here instead of hanging it on the wall because you can change it out whenever you feel like it without leaving holes in the wall. Plus it's a steal at $7.49 this month. Well, I had to do something to jazz up my small space... and I'm really beginning to like living here. Ask me again in a few months, ok?

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