Small Spaces - Part 4: The Master Closet

This week is the Master Bedroom Closet... if you can call it that. I have to go into my bathroom, close the door, and only then can I walk into the closet. I can pretty much do a little spin in there, but then I become claustrophobic and have to go back to the bathroom. I know I grew up with a much smaller space and I just did fine, but come on! This is supposed to hold my clothes, plus my husbands. Thank goodness both of us don't have that much or we would be stuck.

If you notice, there isn't even a space to hang long clothes so I rigged a hanger on the side of the shelves to hold my dresses. If anyone has a better suggestion, please let me know. I also used my favorite over the door shoe organizer here as well. It even has some shoes in it! I haven't decided on what to keep in all of the pockets yet, but the top is housing bathroom items that I don't use on a daily basis - nail polish, hair straightener, etc.

Especially since the space is small, it's more important than ever to stay organized. You can't throw the clothes on the floor here - you simply can't. If you need more room for shoes, turn them so one is facing you and one is facing away and they nestle together quite nicely. You can also buy boot shapers to keep them upright or just stuff them with rolled up magazines that you were ready to recycle anyway.

Color coordinating clothes is something I always do for clients and myself. It's more appealing, plus you know where to find items more easily. There is no wrong way to do it. You can go simply light to dark, ROY G BIV, or copy the look of your favorite store. I also categorize clothes and put the short sleeved shirts together by color and then the long sleeved. Coats go together, workout clothes, pants - it all should be grouped for easy access.

Another thing I do is assign a different colored hanger to each person so there is no confusion. My husband has black and I have white and never the twain shall meet... as long as I'm doing the laundry at least. We just have simple plastic hangers from Target, but my favorites are the Huggable Hangers that you can get at The Container Store, Target, Sam's Club or even Marshalls. They are so slim that they allow you to put so many more items in your closet. Plus the velvet keeps clothes from sliding off the hanger.

Next week's blog is the last in the Small Spaces series. It's a look at my favorite things that I've done with my small space. Wait until you get a look at my measuring cups... a fabulous idea from Pinterest that I actually implemented (and not just pinned and forgot about). I'm nearly done with the whole apartment so maybe I can finally take a break soon... Oh, who am I kidding? Sleep is for the weak!

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