Small Spaces - Part 3: Laundry Room

This week I tackled my “laundry room.” I say laundry room in quotes because it’s the hot water heater closet with a washer/dryer combo thrown in there. It’s been awhile since we moved, so I googled how to clean the washer and dryer to get rid of all potentially lurking nasties. If you haven’t cleaned yours recently, I highly recommend it. Plus, you can instantly save on your electric bill and prevent a potential house fire if your dryer isn’t working due to clogged up lint. So grab some vinegar and your vacuum and get cleaning.

My go to product for small laundry rooms is the 4 Tier Slim Cart from The Container Store. Alas, even its tiny 6 3/4” size is too big to fit the space. The backup plan is of course an over the door shoe organizer. It’s actually working out great as my “laundry room” is located in my kitchen. So it’s doubling as a junk drawer (no space for one in the kitchen) and utility room. How multi-purpose of me!

As you can see, I haven't filled up all of the pockets yet. But so far I've reserved one for spot cleaner, one for a duster, one for all of my command hooks I plan to hang in the next week, and one for pens & sharpies. My favorite pocket so far is the one for the random junk I find in the clothes I check before washing. Normally I would keep it in a basket on top of the dryer but I kind of like this new system. As soon as the pocket fills, I have to find the owners of said junk or throw it away. Plus since the pocket is clear, it's easy to see the contents - rocks, lego guys, screws, and other fun stuff that ends up in the pockets of boys.

As I'm looking at the picture I just took, I can already see someone has taken out a fly swatter and put it back upside down and in the wrong place. Oh well - small steps. At least it ended up back in the closet. Progress!

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