Small Spaces - Part 2: Frustration

Reality called this week and put a stop to all of my carefully laid out plans. Do you ever feel that way? On my schedule was a trip to IKEA to finish my entryway (read all about it here). Then I was going to unpack all the boxes still sitting around and find homes for everything. Lastly I was going to make my master bedroom magazine ready for this blog.

Uh, yea right. Instead, the fridge started leaking, the dryer wasn't plugged in, there are ants in the kitchen, my oldest kid starting throwing up, and then I started that fun as well. So, I guess it was time to slow down for a bit. Admit that I can't be super mom and super organized and super everything (oh how that pains me to write that) all the time.

But I still wanted to post the above picture of my bedroom in its current state to show, well, the reality of it all. Because what I normally do is walk into a room like this at a client's house and fix it. When I feel up to it, and have the time, I will do it for myself. But doesn't it make you feel better that Professional Organizers have these problems, too? The difference is I know how to rebound and my room won't still look like this in a month. Giving up and living with it "as is" is so easy to do when you can't find the time to devote to fix something. But it's never a permanent solution and it would drive me nuts not having homes for everything and having to constantly search for things.

So I'm taking stock of the good things, and planning out what I will do from under the blanket on the couch, next to my sick kid on the other couch (thank you iPad). I am super happy that I managed to fit my desk in my itty bitty bedroom. I will be unpacking office supplies into it shortly and unpacking all of my binders and books out of those boxes into a bookcase in the living room as well. I will find a new organizer for my makeup so it doesn't sit on top of my dresser any longer. I will ask my husband to mount the tv to the wall once I move the boxes of gifts and wrap into the kids' closet. I will hang up some artwork to make it truly feel like home. And I will unearth the drawers that belong under my bed so I can put my towels and linens away since I no longer have a linen closet. I just love my IKEA BRIMNES Bed - I highly recommend it.

There - action plan done. Now I just have to get off the couch.

UPDATE - 11/20/14

The master bedroom is finally done! I feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders as the last thing I wanted to see before I fell asleep each night was piled up boxes at the end of my bed. The only box I have left is the one holding my archived files that used to be housed in a big 4 drawer filing cabinet. It sits in-between my dresser and desk mocking me, but I already have plans to tweak my boys' closet and find room in there for it somehow.

I also am extremely pleased with my desk that I honestly didn't think would fit in the bedroom. We are talking it fits by less than an inch! I love my JOY letters on the wall that refuse to be knocked over by my youngest son any more. Plus I think my desk has actually never been this clean. Confession time - I like to put my current To Do papers in a neat line on my desk and work my way through them. It is visually appealing to me and I love when I am all done (and the desk is clear) but most days something carries over to the next day and I have something still sitting there. My new system is using our Command Center File Box (for important papers) and a smaller file box to hold all of my clipped articles, recipes, and coupons before I file them away. I am enamored with how clean it looks and it's so easy to maintain.

The rest of my bedroom is taken up by the bed. I've gushed about how happy I am with my bed and I'll say it again. Love, love, love the IKEA BRIMNES beds! I don't have a linen closet, so one drawer has become towel/linen storage. Another is for family photos and scrapbooking supplies. Plus the headboard is perfect for books, has openings for cords, and I can put framed pictures on it so there are less holes in the wall that I have to patch when we move.

So there it is! The move into our new apartment is now done. And how do I feel about everything? I have found that with a space this small, I am constantly picking up - toys right back into their bins, clean dishes immediately put away, and folded laundry right into the closet. There is no room to pile something and say I will deal with it later. It's both good and bad to not have a choice to deal with something later on. Procrastination is one of my downfalls though, so this is a great lesson for me, which I hope I will carry into the next place we live. Now please excuse me while I go do the dishes once again. Darn you, tiny apartment sink!

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