Small Spaces - Part 1: The Entryway

Welcome to the 1st part of a new series of blogs about Small Spaces. As I, Kate the Professional Organizer, transition into my new tiny apartment, I am going to be sharing my new home with you and talking about all of the obstacles that come with living in a small space.

Let's review: I am moving from a 2,700 sq. ft. house into a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment in order to cut costs while we are building our dream home. We will have our 2 boys sleeping (and hopefully not killing each other) in the same bedroom for the first time. Plus, I will somehow run my portion of our business out of the itty bitty bedroom that may or may not be big enough to house a desk. What fun!

Let's look at our first challenge - the entryway in the picture above. We haven't even moved in yet and I'm already feeling happy for a fresh start/dreading the lack of space/wondering if I'm being a big baby and I should just get over it. Yes, I used to have a grand entrance complete with an Expedit/Kallax from IKEA that had designated sections for shoes, bags, school papers, mail, keys, and more. Now, I have... a set of stairs.

Taking myself out of the picture, I'm going to think about this like I would with a client and suggest several possibilities. I will present them to my husband, he will say he doesn't care (albeit said with love), and then I will do what I want. Easy.

I don't have enough space for my beloved Expedit (it will be repurposed in the living room, so no worries). But I do have a few inches of floor, several steps, and the wall to work with. I'm thinking hooks for coats, both high and low (for the kids). I could do step baskets like these from Ballard Designs for shoes, but I'm worried they will just get filled with junk. I also like the idea of the IKEA Trones Shoe Cabinets because I can stack them and put my keys on the top instead of on the stairs like this morning, just begging to be misplaced.

Just what is a girl to do? We are moving in this weekend and I will likely give it a day, and then be shopping shortly after. I normally try to repurpose other items, but I don't have anything narrow enough to fit the space. So, measurements in hand, you will most likely see me at IKEA Tuesday morning. I will hopefully have it all sorted out that afternoon and I can begin the next big hurdle - the master bedroom. After the walkthrough this morning at least I got the maintenance checklist done, plus I brought along my label maker and labeled all of the switches. Yes, I'm that girl.

If you have any suggestions, then please, please, please comment below and let me know. I will be sure to let you all know how it turns out. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE - 11/13/14

Minus a piece or two of artwork, the entryway is finally done! The IKEA TRONES shoe cabinets worked out great when combined with some 3M Command Hooks for coats. You need to secure the cabinets to the wall so they don't tip, but I recommend waiting for a bit to make sure you like where you placed them. I'm glad I waited, because when I placed all three cabinets in our entryway it just didn't work like I thought it would. Yes, technically you could open the door with all three there, but it was just awkward. Plus the kids ended up sitting on the stairs (in the way) to put their shoes on and everyone ended up tripping over each other a lot.

Our final solution was to keep one of the cabinets in the entryway for gloves, hats, and scarves and move the two for actual shoes to the top of the stairs where there was more room. We even raised it off the floor a bit so there is room for guests to slide their shoes underneath. Then everything got labeled with the trusty label maker and there are no more shoes on the floor. Presto - magic wand waved!

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