24 Amazing Ways to Use an Over-Door Shoe Organizer

We, at Organized Joy, are known for using ordinary objects in extra-ordinary ways. Old picture frame? No, that's a dry-erase family calendar. A cutlery organizer? No way, it's for holding office supplies in your desk. Shoe organizers? Oh, let us count the ways we can use those... in fact it's 24 ways if you really want to know. Read on to see all of the ways you can utilize this super affordable product in every room of your home.

1. Diaper Changing Station: Hang it your baby's room and you've got 24 pockets to fill with diapers, diaper cream, wipes, extra crib sheets, burb cloths and more. When he/she becomes big enough to grab at it, move the delicate stuff up and fill the bottom with books and toys.

2. Cleaning Supplies: Hang inside your laundry room and fill with cleaning products, dust cloths, clothespins, dryer sheets, and all your cleaning needs. Keep kid-friendly stuff down low so they can help out, too.

3. Makeup: Use in the bathroom to house makeup, nail polish, hair products, a flat iron, and all that stuff that normally gets thrown under the sink and you forget about until it expires.

4. School papers: If you are a teacher, use it in your classroom as a homework area (hand it in/pick it up) with 1 pocket per kid. At home, have your kids put in forms to be signed, permission slips, and lunch schedules, plus keep homework supplies like pencils, glue, scissors and markers here, as well.

5. Scarves: In your closet, use the pockets to hold scarves and color coordinate them for a pretty look. You can even get creative and rig it to hang on a hanger instead of hanging on the back of the door.

6. Bathroom Supplies: Instead of a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, put medicines, washcloths, extra toilet paper and tissues, travel toiletries and more in the pockets.

7. Games: Fill each pocket with small games that tend to get lost in big toy boxes. It makes for easy clean-up because the clear pockets show what goes where and what you are missing.

8. Hair supplies: This is an easy fix for all of those hair bows and ribbons that little girls accumulate. Color-coordinate all of the pockets and they will be able to easily choose themselves what matches with their outfit that day.

9. Belts & Ties: Roll 'em up to reduce wrinkling and color-coordinate everything so getting dressed in the morning is a piece of cake.

10. Jewelry: Group like colors of jewelry together in pockets for easy matching with your outfits. You can even clip delicate necklaces to the top of each pocket with a clothespin or paperclip to keep the small stuff separated easily.

11. Household items: Store light bulbs, batteries, flashlights, small tools, and all that junk drawer stuff here to find it in a flash instead of digging through a messy cabinet.

12. Electrical Cords: Use each pocket for a different kind of cord - camera, phone, power, extension, etc. Then label the pockets so you can grab what you need quickly plus put it back in the right place.

13. Coat Closet: Hang inside your coat closet and put hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, and other small items that normally get thrown into the back of the closet, to be later unearthed covered with dust. Assign a few pockets per family member to keep it extra organized.

14. Art Supplies: Instead of boxes with lids, sometimes it's easier to do ready-to-reach-in pockets for markers, crayons, glue, stickers, and all that fun stuff.

15. Gift Closet: Store party supplies, birthday candles, greeting cards, small gifts, gift bags, gift tags, and even wrapping paper - just cut a hole into several pockets and store the big rolls vertically.

16. Action Figures: The kids will actually like putting these toys away if you make a game of it. Plus there's no more digging around under the couch to find that favorite guy of the week, since you can see all of them at once through the clear pockets.

17. Tools: Use in the garage to store small hand tools, garden supplies, and all the nails, screws, and bolts. It's easier than opening every drawer in the tool chest trying to find that one thing you need.

18. Cars: Grouping and sorting them by different categories has kept my son busy for hours. Plus it's an easy way to show Grandpa that you don't need any more for his birthday.

19. Advent Calendar: 24 pockets equals the ultimate Advent Calendar for the holidays. Much bigger than the small chocolate ones so you can put bigger things in each pocket. You can also use it as a "Things I'm Thankful For" Calendar for Thanksgiving.

20. Pantry: Keep all the small snacks below for the kids. Put individual drink mixes, spices, sauce packets, oatmeal packets and more up top for you.

21. Legos: You can go crazy with colors here in each pocket. Or sort by each set, or type (mini-figures, plants, weapons), or just dump 'em in so you don't step on them in the middle of the night.

22. Office Supplies: Keep everything in here that normally gets shoved in a desk drawer, way in the back. Post its, pens, tape, envelopes, stamps, scissors, labels and more.

23. Crafts: When you open up your craft closet, imagine the gloriousness of seeing all of your punches, embellishments, thread, scissors, stamps and whatever else you love all arranged so artfully and off the floor. Use that door space!

24. SHOES: Yes, you can actually use shoe organizers for shoes. I don't know if we ever will, but you go ahead. We won't tell.

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