Organizing Parties

  • Have fun while getting organized

  • Host & pay for a party yourself or ask your guests to chip in per person

  • No trinkets to buy - you might even clean out your purse (at the purse party for sure)

Organized Joy's Family Command Center Party
Family Command Center Party


The Family Command Center is a centrally-located station designed to route the flow of daily paperwork coming into and out of the home. So if you have paper clutter, this is for you! Not only will you learn great tips

about junk mail, sorting, filing, and how to contain your paper, you will leave this party with your very own ready to use Family Command Center!

  • Fun and Useful Quizzes and Door Prizes

  • Helpful Handouts

  • Create your own Command Center to take home with you

  • Q & A  - ask me any organizing questions you have



Eco Organizing party
Eco-Organizing Party


“Going green” is a top trend these days and the Eco-Organizing Party will show you how to incorporate the 3R’s — reduce, reuse, and recycle — into your daily life. From assessing shopping habits to eliminating junk mail, you will receive immediately usable tips, plus learn how to create your own recycled organizing containers and even make your own non-toxic cleaner!

  • Recipes for non-toxic products you can make yourself

  • Learn how to eliminate the unhealthy and simplify your life

  • Handouts & Tips galore (I will send pdfs if you prefer to save paper)

  • Q & A - what are you dying to ask me about organizing?


Stress free holiday organizing party
Busy moms organized life party
Stress-Free Holiday Party


Getting organized is the key to managing a fantastic, stress-free season!  A Holiday Inventory, a Holiday Task List and a Holiday Countdown Calendar are just some of the many tools that the Stress-Free Holidays Party offers. Learn these along with some great holiday decorating tips and recipes while relaxing with your friends.  Let me help you survive, and truly enjoy, the upcoming Holiday Season!

  • Create your own sanity saving Holiday Binder to take home

  • Recipes, Decorating Tips & Organizing Ideas for the holidays

  • Plan out your holiday events now and be ready for anything

  • Fun handouts you can reproduce every year









Busy Moms Organized Life Party


Superwoman will be jealous once she hears that you have all the tools to lead an organized life. Come and learn “space and place” tips, time-saving tips, and helpful organizing products for moms and kids.  A few fun exercises and quizzes will have you managing your time and tasks like a pro, so you can leave the party feeling empowered, inspired and ready to get organized!

  • Learn time management & scheduling - must have for moms

  • Cute quizzes and door prizes

  • Handouts for you and your family

  • Learn how to gain some "me time" in your life



Purse organizing party
Purse Organizing Party


A purse is a woman’s life line, so how great would your life be if your purse was organized!!  This party will teach you the main principles of organizing - how to sort, purge, assign a place, containerize and maintain. Plus, you leave with an organized purse – you actually get to be “her” - the one that always has exactly what she needs in her purse and can instantly find it!

  • Clever handouts

  • Purse Bingo game with fabulous prizes

  • A great night out with all of your friends that's helpful, too

  • Q & A - ask me questions about your home and get real solutions