Kate Martin

CPO ® (Certified Professional Organizer®)

Author of 5 books

International Speaker

NAPO-Austin Chapter Secretary 2015-18

NAPO-Austin President's Award 2018

NAPO National Instructor

B.F.A. in Fine Arts - Photography

Certified Art Teacher PK-12

Owner, Organized Joy L.L.C.

I started my journey towards becoming a Professional Organizer by scheduling a session with a life coach back in 2011.


Through this coach I discovered that my favorite part of every job I ever had was the aspect of organizing:

  • When I worked at Walt Disney World, I was happiest in the stockroom organizing plush toys by type or clothes by size. Yes, I preferred the stockroom to the park and I know how crazy that sounds.

  • When I worked as an Art Teacher, I was happiest organizing the art supplies and planning out calendars for the year's lessons. I didn't understand why the other teachers had trouble finding student papers or keeping their classroom clean.

  • When I worked as a Retail Merchandiser, I was happiest setting up displays and organizing back stock. I didn't want to sell at the register and didn't understand the others who fought for every commission and sale.

I realized that while I was good at what I did in various industries, I would be GREAT at being an organizer. It was a job I didn't even know existed, but it was meant to be mine. 

Now I work one-on-one with clients to help them get organized. But I also utilize my other skills from previous professions to help my clients with so much more.

  • I write books, blogs & contribute to magazines to share my quirky combo of organizing and fun. Organizing does NOT have to be a drag.

  • I have a schedule I love that allows me to spend time with my family and keep my home running smoothly with 2 amazing, very active boys. I can help you achieve this, too because, yes, it is possible to enjoy the every day.

  • I teach about organizing to audiences in person and online through webinars, classes & conferences. There is always lots of learning and laughing in equal parts.

So that's my story. Contact me and tell me all about yours - I can't wait to hear it!


oJoy in the media

What I Do For You
(And Me)

I strongly believe that the best people to surround yourself with are those that are always learning more.


I know I'm an effective coach to my clients because I consistently take classes, read books, attend/speak at conferences & participate in national committees and boards.

I also find sorting and paperwork very exciting (just so you know what you're getting into here).

Each month I try to:

  • Read at least 1 book

  • Take at least 1 class (live or online)

  • Listen to at least 1 podcast

As a Certified Professional Organizer®, I take 45 hours of classes every 3 years. I do this gladly and gleefully! So far in 2020 I have learned about:

  • KonMari Organizing Techniques

  • Helping clients with ADHD

  • Using technology to increase profitability

  • Tech tools to skyrocket productivity

  • Canva graphics

  • Linked In optimization

  • Project management

  • Leadership mindset

  • 50 ways to use technology

  • Virtual organizing

  • Parenting in a pandemic


NAPO Austin Chapter member
NAPO Golden Circle Member
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Member Of:

NAPO 2021 National Conference Committee Chair

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NAPO Austin Past Board Member (Secretary)

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